22 Richmond, Virginia Street Style Photos That Perfectly Encapsulate The City's Southern Bohemian Fashion Sense

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Echoes of Richmond, Virginia's past haunt every corner and every crevice, but Richmond street style is one of many signs that a new generation is working double-time to reclaim the city and tell a new story. That isn't to say that Richmond wasn't the capital of the Confederacy or the childhood home of Edgar Allan Poe or just generally a happening place in the 1800s. What it is to say is that the narrative has evolved — and everyday fashion is part of the tale.

Richmond is RVA, three letters that have gone from a bumper sticker to a hashtag to city-wide movement. When Virginians say "RVA," they're talking about Richmond's creative class, its DIY pride, and its future of innovation. Richmond is the land of Virginia Commonwealth University, where a top art school, renowned advertising program, and creative writing department share the same campus. Richmond is a foodie's fantasy, with restaurants like The Black Sheep, The Roosevelt, and The Tobacco Company earning national acclaim. It also is the savvy shopper's paradise, with stores like Rumors and Halcyon Vintage reminding you that not looking like everybody else is the whole point. This is, after all, the third most tattooed city in America. Whether you call it quirky or you call it punk, one thing is for certain and that's that Richmond is different.

One recent Saturday, Richmonders eschewed their winter layers and welcomed the Virginia sunshine — and my photographers and I were there to catch all the springtime style making its first appearance of the season. Click through for some awesomely boho outfit inspiration, straight from RVA.

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