11 Celebrities Who've Had Depression — And Spoken Out Bravely About It

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Even though it's incredibly common, depression can be highly isolating. Particularly if nobody near and dear has experience with mental illness, it can be tough to feel supported, loved, or understood when you finally get a label for the black hole you're in. The good news? Celebrities have been gradually breaking the taboo on talking about depression, and while some of them have had high-profile battles — think of Brooke Shields' war with Tom Cruise over the benefits of Prozac — others have simply got tired of suffering in silence.

So here are 11 high-profile successful people — men and women who people might think of as having "no reason to be depressed" — who've been open about the severe lows and dangers of this particularly crippling mood disorder. They're doing their part to break the stigma, so remember: you're never alone.

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