Zayn Malik Is Already Cut From One Direction Tour Videos & That's What I Call Disaster Preparedness

The powers that be are currently disposing of any evidence that Zayn Malik was ever part of One Direction. It's barely been a week since the dude left the band, and Zayn Malik has been cut from the One Direction tour videos already. Essentially, it's like the rapture occurred, and the only person who disappeared was Zayn.

As The Independent reports, Malik has been edited out of the fun little video that plays before every show on the group's On The Road Again tour. The newly four-piece band performed their first show following Malik's announcement that he was quitting in Johannesburg, South Africa on Saturday, and supposedly, all footage of him was gone from the intro video. Considering the way that the band's fan base reacted to the news that Malik was leaving, this seems like a smart move. After all, any reminder of his existence is sure to make the crowd upset. Very upset. I mean, would you be able to perform over the din of thousands of teenage girls collectively wailing in sadness? Yeah, probably not.

All they can do at the moment is to keep on keeping' on, and attempt to fill the holes that Malik has left in his wake. He announced a couple weeks ago that he would be dropping out of the band's current tour, leaving the rest of the boys to cover for him. Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan have reportedly taken over his solo parts.

I know that everyone's wounds are still raw, but let's be real guys. There's probably an introductory concert video prepared for Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam's departure, too. In all likelihood, that's the reason they were able to get the Zayn-free video out so quickly. The management team behind One Direction probably has a crisis plan in place for the hypothetical departure of each band member.

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Now that Zayn has peaced out, I'm guessing that the team can bust out all of the things that they had ready in advance of his departure. These include, but are not limited to: Zayn-less merchandise, Zayn-less CD's, concert DVD's with Zayn edited out, band cardboard cutouts featuring Zayn's face covered by a smiling cat emoji. It's nothing personal. It's called disaster preparedness.

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