So, This Exists: Your Face, Printed On Your Latte

We bet you were thinking the same thing. This kind of latte design is so 2012.

Luckily, Taiwanese coffee chain 'Lets Caffe' has come to the rescue, and now you're just one selfie away from being printed on your own coffee.

Seriously, America. How did you not come up with this first?

We don't think they intended to pun on "ridiculous."

Want to surprise your crush? Forget to pick up a birthday present? No fear—Lets Caffe has you covered. Just order a large Most-Awkward-Expression-Of-Love-On-The-Planet latte.

Upload it in seconds to what we can only refer to the You're So Vain Coffee Machine, and it'll appear—either in coffee powder or coffee, because it's crazy like that!—frosted at the top of your caffeine kick.

And then you can, um, drink yourself. Or get a loyal companion to drink you, and your creepy cat-love too.

Or snap a picture of that, re-upload it... and we're basically into Matrix territory here.