Bieber Fans React To The Roast On Twitter: They're Predictably Pissed, But Surprisingly Calm At The Same Time

If anything about Justin Bieber is being aired on television, you better believe the Beliebers, Justin’s super fans, know about it. Hell, if anyone says anything bad about the Biebs anywhere in the world, those, let's say, enthusiastic Bieber fans are up in their faces. It is no surprise, then, that Beliebers around the globe are not happy, and that fans are on Twitter to pan the Justin Bieber Roast and the crucifixion of their beloved teen idol. It's exactly what you might have expected except that it’s all just so… calm. Like, suspiciously calm. For a group of fans that react instantly to any bad word thrown at their idol, these folks are surprisingly easy-going about the butt-kicking that their beloved is getting right now.

Not for nothing, but the fans had to expect that when Comedy Central was doing a roast that things were not going to be pretty. I guess they didn’t think that all of these known-to-be-vicious, here-for-roast comedians were just going to pat Justin Bieber on the back and say, “hey, try harder to be nice, kid, alright?” Anyway, the interwebs are still bursting with Bieber defenders. I’m waiting for the venom to come out behind their tweets, but for now, the Belieber tweets are relatively calm.

These Beliebers weren’t happy with Natasha Leggero's comments...

And these fans didn’t realize Martha Stewart could bring the pain.

Some people were just angry at this whole scene...

While others were simply supportive.