'Game Of Thrones' Maisie Williams Is Heading To 'Doctor Who' & How 5 Other 'GoT' Characters Would Fare With The TARDIS

Well this is a geek dream come true: Arya is headed to the TARDIS. Or, rather, Game Of Thrones ' Maisie Williams is guest starring on Doctor Who Season 9. As the BBC reports, not much has been said about her role yet except this little tidbit that, well, sounds about right: Steven Moffat say she'll "challenge" Peter Capaldi's Doctor and "give him exactly the right sort of hell."

Given the plethora of factors that tragically bar a Game Of Thrones/Doctor Who crossover — differing networks, mainly, but also the pain of having to translate that pesky time travel thing — this will obviously not be Arya Stark we're dealing with, even if Williams carries over some of her spunk. No, this will be an entirely new opportunity for Williams to show us what she's got — and that's great.

Still, despite the impossibility of a Game Of Thrones/Doctor Who crossover existing outside of fan fiction and Tumblr gifsets, it's fun to imagine what the characters of Game Of Thrones would do when confronted with the Doctor and the TARDIS. So here's what I imagine the inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms would do if the Doctor came a-knockin'.

Sansa Stark

Sansa's mission with the TARDIS seems clear — first and foremost she'd run away. She'd abscond with the Doctor at the first available opportunity and never look back, save perhaps going in search of her little sister Arya before getting the hell out of that world. From then on she'd be something we rarely if ever get to see her be in the show: Happy. Sansa's got a dreaminess at her center that has been trampled down by years of a truly horrific life — but that is tailor-made for the TARDIS, and that makes her the perfect companion to the Doctor. They'd explore worlds and planets and dimensions together and try not to let their pasts and their lost loved ones haunt them too much.

Daenerys Targaryen

The Doctor would show up mainly to fawn over Dany's dragons and then this Khaleesi would immediately inquire as to if she could maybe borrow his TARDIS to help her conquer Westeros. He'd say not and she'd keep trying, eventually just trying to take it anyway, all the while having one of those banter-y flirt-y relationships between rulers and the Doctor that the Doctor always have. He'd also probably wind up being on of her husbands, her one of his wives. He'd tell her stories of intergalactic diplomacy and help her brush up in her leadership duties.


I think they'd have a good time together. Hodor.

Arya Stark

This one depends. Current Arya would probably to convince the Doctor that their time would be best spent tracking down the people who ruined her family and murdering them. The Doctor wouldn't be into that, though, so that would be a pretty short relationship before they parted ways. If the Doctor entered her life a little while back, though, perhaps in the time after her father was killed but before she got reaally murdery? They'd have a blast together. If there's anyone who'd enjoy galavanting around all the universes and seeking out adventure it's young Arya with her worship of Nymeria.

Joffrey (Lannister) Baratheon

I'm pretty sure the Doctor would have just pushed him out of the TARDIS.

Images: HBO