Are Taylor Swift & Justin Timberlake Friends? They're Definitely Huge Fans Of Each Other — PHOTOS

Taylor Swift loves award shows. Loves award shows. The childlike wonder and pure, genuine joy she feels when she knows she might win something is truly unequalled, and while she gets teased a lot for it, but she's still always stoked to be in attendance. Aside from being an award show enthusiast and meme-generator, Swift is a dedicated Justin Timberlake fangirl with a huge circle of famous friends, so it wasn't surprising at all that she and Timberlake shared a moment at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards that proved Justin Timberlake is a hardcore Taylor Swift fan, and probably also 12 years old.

In a viral Vine from the awards ceremony, Timberlake teased Swift's surprise face when she won the award for Best Lyrics, by doing his best "Taylor Swift after winning an award" impression. Swift completely freaked out and gifted the Internet with enough GIF fuel to last through the next five years.

Back when Swift was still wearing sundresses and cowboy boots, she admitted she had a crush on Timberlake and was a huge fan, and she ended up meeting him on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Since then, the two seem to have become good friends and, clearly, each others' biggest fans.

Here are some highlights from the Swift and Timberlake's adorable relationship.

The Time They Met On Ellen

ellyyp on YouTube

The makings of a beautiful friendship.

When They Shared This Friendly Encounter

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just whispering secrets, like friends do.

When Justin Went To Taylor's Birthday Party

Actually, he was the star of her birthday party.

When She Tweeted Him A Birthday Wish


When Taylor Went To Justin's Concert

She body-rolled unapologetically.

When Taylor Presented Justin With The Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist Award At The 2013 American Music Awards

Fangirl mission completed.

When He Made Fun Of Her At The 2015 IHeartRadio Music Awards

And she freaked OUT.