David Beckham & James Corden Use Undwear Ad Spoof To Promote Inner Beauty & It's Amazing — VIDEO

Who would've ever thought that a famous soccer player and a late night talk show host could do so much good when joining forces? That's exactly what David Beckham and James Corden are doing through a hilarious underwear ad spoof. The pre-taped sketch will air Monday on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and while many will only be staring at the outer appearances of these two famous men, there's so much more to this faux underwear line, named D&J Briefs, than Beckham and Corden standing in their skivvies for the world to see.

Yes, at first glance, one can't help but stare at Beckham, his underwear, his abs, and his tats, while swooning over the sound of his voice. In addition, when Corden enters wearing only his undies, like Beckham, you're staring at Corden's body. Unfortunately, society has been trained to drool over Beckham, while laughing at Corden's. That's just another sad fact of our world.

In between analyzing their bodies, we're also faced with Corden's hilarious antics, including blowdrying Beckham's hair, jumping in the air, and doing the worm, so you easily get distracted from the true meaning of the sketch. Some might think I'm reading too much into this, because it was all for fun — and, of course, I know it's meant to be funny — however, there is a beautiful message behind this amazingly funny video.

The Late Late Show with James Corden on YouTube

That message is: "Beauty is skin deep, it's underneath that counts" which is exactly what the video states.

As much as I think Beckham and Corden were having fun and thought this would be a great way to spoof all of those times Beckham posed in his underwear, I also think the two wanted to spread a positive message about body image, especially for those living in the spotlight. Also, the fact that they have a great sense of humor and make fun of themselves, while promoting self-confidence, is amazing in itself.

This isn't the first time Corden's promoted body positivity. In an open letter written for Glamour magazine, Corden asked all individuals to please accept themselves for who they are and how they are. He wrote, "Respect your body. It is what it is, so embrace it. Love every scar, ripple, and imperfection, and you won’t need others to do it for you." As much as I love Beckham, Corden just surpassed him with his wisdom and inspiring words.

I thank Beckham and Corden for releasing this video, because I believe a lot of good will come from it.

Images: The Late Late Show/Youtube