Paula Patton Talks Robin Thicke Divorce & It's Inspiring How Well She's Doing — VIDEO

Breakups are the worst, but Paula Patton is handling her divorce from Robin Thicke in the most inspiring way. Now that she's officially split from the "Blurred Lines" singer, Patton is reclaiming her life. "You know, I'm doing really well. It's been a long year and a lot of challenges but I've grown quite a bit and just getting used to change," she said in a clip for her appearance on Tuesday's episode of The Meredith Vieira Show. She went on to say that while it's hard to accept her new reality, she's so thankful for everything she does have.

Patton also explained that she's really loving her independence. (So, tabloids better not go starting any dating rumors right now.) "Growing up in many ways I think, I moved from my parents' house to moving in with Robin," Patton said of getting married. "And now I'm like becoming an adult at this old age. I'm really like a real woman now."

She certainly went through a huge transition. After all, she and Thicke were married for ten whole years. But now that she's on the other side of things, it's nice to hear that Patton is embracing her life and her new adulthood. It sounds like she's focusing on taking care of herself and healing after the difficult year she's had splitting from her husband. "I live in a place of gratitude," she told Vieira, a smile on her face. Check out the clip below and watch her full interview on Tuesday's show—it's sure to be inspiring.