5 Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Ideas

So, how's your wedding budget looking? Not great? Yeah, we thought so. Between your guest list blossoming from a healthy 100 to a robust 250 and your mother insisting on serving a sit-down dinner instead of a tapas bar, your wedding savings has been depleted (along with your credit card). And sure, you could put off your honeymoon until next summer, but don't you deserve a little vacation after all this? Your dreams of a month-long European getaway may have to wait, but a budget-friendly honeymoon can still be yours. Here are 5 easy ways to honeymoon on a budget.

1. Find Somewhere Within Driving Distance

It's simple advice, but it's true. Airfare can be a huge part of honeymoon costs, particularly if you go abroad. Staying close to home doesn't mean you have to skimp on style, though. If you're a Midwesterner, consider Mackinac Island, Michigan. It's affordable, but offers loads of charm. If you're on the west coast, think about somewhere in coastal Oregon or Washington.

2. Scour Deal Sites

Groupon and LivingSocial both have tons of deals, ranging from a weekend in the Berkshires to all-inclusive vacations in Cancun. If your travel dates can be flexible and you're okay with booking something last-minute, this is a great option. Be aware, though, that some deals only fly out of major cities. (Otherwise, book as far ahead in advance as possible for maximum savings!)

3. Look for All-Inclusive Options

If you want to go somewhere with clear water and sand, an all-inclusive resort may be a more affordable option. However, make sure you're clear on what that all-inclusive option actually offers. How many restaurant options are there? You won't want to eat the same thing every day. Likewise, does it cover alcoholic beverages? Are any resort activities included, like snorkeling? If you won't use what the all-inclusive package offers, or if it doesn't offer what you want, then it isn't actually a good deal at all.

4. Consider The Great Outdoors

If your family vacations have included places like the Grand Canyon, consider a honeymoon along those same lines. Places like Yellowstone and Yosemite regularly top lists of affordable vacations. Camping and entrance prices are incredibly low. (Plus, your Instagrams will be amazing.)

5. Ask Your Wedding Guests To Help Out

No, I'm not saying that you should ask for cash outright (rude!). However, there are plenty of ways to ask guests to contribute to your honeymoon without stepping on any toes. Some companies specialize in vouchers that your guests can purchase, allowing them to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience rather than a blender. If you've been living together for some time, or one of you owns a house, most guests will probably jump at the idea to get you something you actually want. Be sure to do your research first, but check out Buy Our Honeymoon for ideas.

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