'Gone Girl' Nearly Cast Jon Hamm & He Would Have Been A Perfect Nick Dunne — Sorry, Ben Affleck

Bad news, baby: Gone Girl could have been a Hamm sandwich. In early talks for the casting of David Fincher's adaptation of the Gillian Flynn book, Jon Hamm was a contender for the part of Nick Dunne. And he really, really wanted it, too. And so do we! Oh, what could have been. Because even though Ben Affleck ended up being an exceptionally balanced charming asshole, much as we imagined Nick Dunne when reading the novel. But come on: Jon Hamm, AKA Don Draper, AKA Dick Whitman, practically wrote the book on being a charming asshole with dark secrets! No offense to Affleck, but Hamm would have been a much better choice.

And the Mad Men actor is maybe more upset about missing the role than we are. According to Page Six Hamm's big boss Matthew Weiner said that Hamm couldn't star in Gone Girl because it violate his contract: “Matt would not let Jon out of his contract to do Gone Girl. Jon was really upset about it at the time — and is still upset, because he’s thinking about the future of his career as Mad Men comes to a close."

Nooooooo. I wish I hadn't heard this news, because as much as I loved Gone Girl, now I will always be haunted by what could have been. FIRST of all, Jon Hamm is hella handsome, and that is a truth universally acknowledged. But he also looks a little sinister, and isn't that what Nick Dunne is all about? And no offense to Ben Affleck, but I still wasn't REALLY buying that he was a journalist (although the bartender was convincing). Hamm obviously looks like he could play a writer, and besides, we're already used to him playing the arrogant creative type on Mad Men.

Honestly, in terms of tall, dark, handsome and semi-scary strangers, which the role of Nick Dunne calls for, Hamm outweighs Affleck by a mile. He knows how to play it suave, he knows how to lie, he knows how to cry (in private), and he knows how to get mad. No matter how many times it happens, it's still freaky as hell when Don Draper throws something on Mad Men. And who more believable as a cheater than Don Draper himself?! But don't worry, Don/Dick/Jon, you've got plenty of career ahead! Remember how funny you were in Bridesmaids? It's gonna be A-OK.

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