Zombie 'Monster Mash' Sing-Along Is Epic

If you can't get that horrible sound of pigs squealing from Sunday night's Walking Dead out of you head, here's something that will do the trick. There's now a Walking Dead "Monster Mash" sing-along mashup. Some creative geniuses out there have taken scenes from the AMC show filled with zombies and made it look like the characters are singing that classic Halloween song you heard a million times on the radio growing up.

The best part about this mashup is that it's so egregiously gory, just like the show, that if you had any negative associations with "Monster Mash", say, I don't know, because maybe you went to a sixth grade Halloween school dance party, and maybe you didn't have anyone to dance with, and maybe you dressed up like the Mona Lisa and glued macaroni to a cardboard frame and spray-painted it gold, which was awesome, except that you couldn't hold anything because you were holding the frame, which prevented you from not only dancing, but eating the Goldfish crackers mixed with marshmallows and M&Ms (your favorite), so you just stood around the black and orange decorated school gym alone, hungry, and immobile until your mom came and picked you up in the socially suicidal mini-van, because it was the only car you could fit into without bending your costume, which was a literal and figurative work of art... yeah. Those sad connotations will be erased by these good old fashioned death scenes.

Childhood trauma aside, the point is that the one and only Halloween song "Monster Mash" is now fun to listen to again, thanks to The Walking Dead. Enjoy.

Image: AMC