Ashley's Latest Body Positivity Advice Is Major

by Alexa Tucker

When it comes to ways to be more accepting of ourselves, I'm all ears, especially when the advice comes from our patron saint of positivity. In an interview with Glamour, model Ashley Graham shared her body positivity tips for accepting the things we can't change, and even though they're mind-blowingly simple, they're way harder in practice. The most rewarding things in life don't come easily though, right?

"I've always been a firm believer that obtaining a positive body image starts from within," she told the magazine's website. "Instead of dwelling on the things I can't change about my appearance, I look at myself in the mirror and embrace everything. I perform daily affirmations — 'I love my awkward butt shape and thick thighs!' — because our words have so much power." Daily affirmations? So simple! So easy! Yet so tough. It's one thing to say these things, and it's quite another to train yourself to really believe them.

Graham is right, though. Our words do have power. And even if you don't trust what you're telling yourself right now, body positivity isn't something that happens overnight. It takes time and effort, but to finally be comfortable with yourself ("flaws" and all) seems like a worthwhile goal.

As far as being a body activist, Graham sees her mission as this: "I'm here to remind women that our bodies are beautiful at any size, as long as you are living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of yourself."

YAS. Ashley Graham, you've done it again.