T-Rav's Campaign Ads Anger Kathryn On 'S. Charm'

by Kristie Rohwedder

After last Monday’s non-announcement (not trying to be salty, just shooting it straight. It’s like Whitney said, everybody already knew T-Rav was going to run for Senate), I was hankering for some good ol’ fashioned Southern Charm mayhem. This Monday night’s episode did not leave me hanging: Whitney and Shep threw a get-together at their beach house. YES!!!! “Margarita machine is my classic Whitney move at a party,” Whitney said in a talking head, and then the show cut to him dumping some liquor into the margy machine. Later, Whitney got out his acoustic guitar and played some made-up songs for his guests. The next day, Whitney directed some of T-Rav’s campaign ads. Basically, Whitney is just like half of the dudes I went to college with.

Oh, that ad campaign. Bless your heart, T-Rav. It almost went off without a hitch. You almost had Kathryn on board… until you told her you filmed one of the ads with three of her bikini’d sorority sisters.


“This is so embarrassing and disgusting,” Kathryn said between mouthfuls of arugula. “I have your back. That’s not cool.” She then told T-Rav he’s stupid for not realizing Whitney orchestrated this bikini ad to drive a wedge between T-Rav and Kathryn. (Oh, man. That didn't even dawn on me, but I'm totally on board with her theory. WHITNEY MIGHT BE A-SCHEMIN'.) She brought up T-Rav not wanting her or Kensington to be on the campaign trail or featured in the ads. T-Rav replied he didn’t have the budget to put her in the ads. (Wait, what? Then how did they put anyone besides T-Rav in the ads? I guess I don't understand how commercial budgets work.)

Kathryn, apparently sharing in my confusion, asked how and why he could afford to include her dancing bikini’d friends in the ad. (Thank you, Kathryn. Get to the bottom of this.) T-Rav mumbled and grumbled and called Kathryn irrational. (Wonderful rebuttal, T-Rav. YOU TOTES GOT HER.) (And yes, that is a thick layer of sarcasm you detect.) Kathryn told T-Rav he looked dumb and asked for an apology.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” T-Rav replied.

Oh no. Ohhhhhh noooo. OHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOO. I would say check yourself before you wreck yourself, but consider yourself already wrecked, T-Rav. Consider yourself already wrecked.

Kathryn replied accordingly: She threw a napkin at his face, told him to GTFO until he apologizes, and left the table.

Nailed it, Kathryn. Way to stick the landing. Can't wait to watch this fight continue next week. Until then, I will throw at least one cloth napkin across a table in your honor.

Images: Brianna Stello/Bravo; utopiavisions, lifetimetv/tumblr