'Weird Loners' Star Meera Rohit Kumbhani Snagged Her Leading Role in a Really Cool Way

New shows mean new faces. Most of the time, you'll view a show's premiere episode and recognize some of the actors from other projects, and they will be backed by standout talents that are still relatively unrecognizable. This is the case of Meera Rohit Kumbhani on Fox's new sitcom, Weird Loners . The show will be taking the time slot left open by The Mindy Project, airing right after New Girl. She is one of four leading characters on the show, and with the other three actors being seasoned sitcom favorites, it makes you wonder how exactly she found herself in this role. Well, it's all thanks to her stellar audition tape.

Kumbhani's self-taped audition apparently looked like “she taped it in her agent’s office,” said Michael Weithorn, the show's creator, in an interview with Backstage. Weithorn is known for giving actors their shot at fame, and gave Patton Oswalt his network debut on King of Queens. And since the world is a much better place with the comic stylings of Oswalt, it's certainly easy to trust Weithorn's judge of talent. Especially considering the tape itself sounded like it was relatively low quality, and her talent still shined through enough to land her the role. She must just be that good.

Without a full body of work on her resume like her cast mates have, it's hard to predict how well audiences will respond to her. Becky Newton, for example, is best known for her work (and exceptional level of sass) in Ugly Betty, Love Bites, and The Goodwin Games.

Zachary Knighton spent his recent days making us giggle uncontrollably with his work on Happy Endings and Parenthood.

And then there's the amazingly adorable Nate Torrence from Hello Ladies, She's Out of My League, and Super Fun Night. He always has a giant smile on and will give you one just by watching him.

But Kumbhani mostly been working in indie film and off-Broadway productions, as well as credits that include roles like "Hot girl," "Resident #2," and "EMT #1 at Hospital." She hasn't done a whole lot in the world of TV just yet. None of that seems to matter though, considering she is one of the four Weird Loners. Clearly she can hold her own with these comedic masters-in-the-making since she got the job, and it's going to be a treat to watch how it all plays out.

Image: Ray Mickshaw/FOX; Giphy (3)