Zayn Malik's Solo Song "I Won't Mind" Lyrics Are A Romantic Tragedy That Will Give You All The Feels — LISTEN

Less than a week after his departure from the internationally famous boy band One Direction, Zayn Malik's first solo song "I Won't Mind" has been released. Not by Malik, but by Naughty Boy, with whom Malik collaborated on the song. Although the circumstances of the song's release are unsavory, to say the least, the song itself is a beautiful ballad played on a guitar and with an echo track overlaying Malik's voice. People who aren't fans of One Direction are more likely to enjoy the song than people who are, because Naughty Boy has ensured a very large section of the fandom has negative memories associated with the name "Zayn Naughty." However, this song will still hit you right in the heart strings. And for those of you who find that the echo makes it hard to fully hear what it is that Malik is singing, the lyrics will make you even more somber than the melody.

The song appears to tell the story of a love gone wrong. I can't tell if the love is unrequited or if she's dead, honestly, but, either way, he's sad about it. (Obviously.) It's more chorus and bridge than it is actual verses, but I think we're all sort of used to that from One Direction's music. The important thing is that it's really beautiful, in that tragic kind of way.

Don't look around cause love is blind

And darling right now I can't see you

I feel your pulse, slowing down and down

I can feel you

And right from the start

You know I got you

Yeah you know I got you

I won't mind, you know I know you

You'll never be mine

Is she dead? Is she dying? Is the slowing pulse a symbol for something? The world may never know, because the song moves on.

We messed around until we found the one thing

We said we could never ever

If we die I'm not allowed to talk about it

But I gotta tell it

Cause we are who we are

When no one's watching

And right from the start

You know I've got you

Yeah you know I've got you

I won't mind

You know I know you'll never be mine

Never be mine

And there you have it. That's it. That's the whole song. I have no idea who hurt Malik (or Naughty Boy) to write something so sad, but at least now you can get to work memorizing every single sentence so you can scream it at concerts. You know, when Malik inevitably starts that solo career in full.

Listen to the song again below.

Image: zaynharry/Tumblr (2)