Cards Against Humanity's Very Pro-Women Move

Given that it encourages inserting former presidents in lewd sexual scenarios, "noble" might be the last word you associate with Cards Against Humanity. However, the makers of the card game are taking on a noble cause: Cards Against Humanity will benefit women in STEM with a new science-themed expansion pack. Proceeds from the special edition will go toward a scholarship that will give female tech and science undergrads a full ride. But just because the cause is respectable doesn't mean this pack won't feature the deliciously debased sense of humor Cards Against Humanity is known for.

In a press release, the makers of the notorious card game introduced their new Cards Against Humanity Science Ambassador Scholarship, a full-ride scholarship for female undergrads pursuing a major in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (aka STEM). The scholarship will help those applying for the fall 2016 school year, covering their full tuition for up to four years. Applicants must tell the board how they identify as women "in a way that’s significant to them."

Cards Against Humanity co-creator Josh Dillon explained why the cause is important to him and his team:

Women are underrepresented in science, tech, engineering, and math, and we felt like the funding from this pack could have the greatest impact by making it possible for more women to get an education in those fields, and by giving them a platform to share their work and their passion for science.

The scholarship will be funded by proceeds from purchasing the $10 "Science Pack," which is available now on the game's website. If you buy one of these, not only would you be helping to close the gender gap in the tech industry, but you'll take home a limited-edition card pack co-authored by Zach Weinersmith, who writes the web comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and Phil Plait, who writes Slate's Bad Astronomy blog.

To give you a taste of the "Science Pack," here are a few examples of actual cards from the deck:"In what's being hailed as a major breakthrough, scientists have synthesized _____________________ in the lab."Some choices:"Evolving a labyrinthine vagina.""The quiet majesty of the sea turtle.""Getting really worried about global warming for a few seconds.""Uranus."

As you can see, the same twisted humor of the original pack really comes through with Weinersmith and Plait's pack. For Weinersmith, the scholarship is just the latest way he's helping to encourage young girls to pursue STEM careers. Last year, the author raised nearly $400,000 on Kickstarter for his picture book Augie and the Green Knight , which tells the story of a young girl and scientist in training who goes on adventures in a fantasy world.

In the press release, Weinersmith explains why he supports the cause, and it's as hilarious as the cards in his "Science Pack":

I want more women in STEM fields. Why? Because I am selfish. I want all of my technology to be faster, smaller, and stronger, and I want other people to go through the effort to make that happen. As long as women are underrepresented in science and technology, my next iProduct will be slightly lower quality. By funding a female student to become a scientist and a science ambassador, I hope to get just a little bit of my incredibly lazy wish.

As of press time, Cards Against Humanity had raised $173,268 towards the scholarship.Images: Connie Ma/Flickr, Cards Against Humanity, tom_bullock/Flickr, brett jordan/Flickr