Justin Bieber Apologizes During Comedy Central Roast, But Not Everyone Is Accepting It — VIDEO

If you watched the #BieberRoast, and I'm not entirely sure why anyone with cable TV and some spare time wouldn't, then you know that it was an extremely entertaining affair. Obviously, as all roasts (should) go, there were knee slapping, wince-worthy jokes at the subject's expense. In this case, the subject being a very deserving Justin Bieber. But, there was also some "seriousness" about the night. You see, after being ragged on, top notch host Kevin Hart brought Bieber up to the podium for his chance to give the roasters a taste of their own medicine. After performing his little skit, which I admit, was decently funny, Justin Bieber apologized to the general public for his crimes both legal and societal.

The apology was... interesting. Interesting, because I found it impossibly awkward and forced, but hey, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Biebs cries himself to sleep every night with the guilt of the disappointment of America weighing heavily on his delicate shoulders. Or, maybe he doesn't. Maybe he sleeps like a damn baby and this was his first effort at bad, over-the-top soap opera acting.

It seems like a lot of people are as disbelieving of the so-called "sincerity" of his apology as I am. Sure, there was an outcry of love and support from Beliebers, but there were just as many, equally as passionate naysayers who simply aren't having it. If you haven't seen it yet, maybe you'll feel differently. To give the dude a fair shot, you can view his apology below:

Comedy Central on YouTube

But, back to the skeptics. You can think they're mean or cranky or cynical for not taking the singer's word, or maybe you should hear them out because I think they all have valid points. Check out some of the disbelieving tweets below.

Some thought the whole thing was a cold, calculated farce

Listen, it's a definite possibility that this was the plan all along. Especially, considering that throughout the entire roast I kept thinking, "This isn't even that mean!" Like so many others have pointed out: He was the one to ask for the roast! So, at the very least, he got his haters and fans to tune in long enough so that he could force feed them his apology.

Others didn't believe Biebs as far as they could throw him

If one thing is for sure, Bieber would make a great a politician. He said, "...The things I've done really don't define who I am." But, I'm not sure if Biebs has ever heard the widely accepted saying that professes the fact that your actions, especially continually repeated ones, actually do define who you are. Pretty, rehearsed words don't.

Then, there are those who gave Biebs some backhanded credit

I guess you can say two wrongs don't make a right, and in that way, their underhanded insults to Bieber aren't cool. But you can't help but understand their defensive quips considering that they felt that he was trying to dupe them and insulted their intelligence by doing such a bad job of it.

Perhpaps Biebs really did mean his apology. But, he'll have to excuse those of us who have heard the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf far too many times before.