'Full House's Lori Loughlin & John Stamos Could've Been Married In Real Life?

For those of us who have treasured memories of our childhood, watching Full House reruns and wishing we had family like Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky, well, it could've been an actual reality for some very lucky niece or nephew. When asked about a past crush on John Stamos and the chance of a Full House reunion movie, Lori Loughlin avoided the crush question, refusing to say any more than "you're funny." Hmm, suspicious.

Of course Loughlin is happily married these days, and the window of opportunity might've closed for a real life Jesse-Becky relationship, but hey, we can dream right? We only dreamed of it our entire childhoods.

Personally, I think it's probably a good thing Lori Loughlin and John Stamos's single date as young whippersnappers never worked out, despite my childhood daydreams. It's hard enough dealing with the lack of Full House as it stands, imagine how much more we'd yearn for it if Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky continued to live their sort-of-Full House lives every day.

They'd be all shacked up, with cute kids that weren't the Olsen twins and it might be too sad, or just weird, who even knows. Or, on the flip side, how devastating would it have been if they had dated, perhaps gotten married, only to have a terrible break up? Would we ever be able to look at Full House the same way again? It might've taken something away from the G-rated alternate universe of Full House, and that would not have been cool. In fact, the angsty 10-year-old in me is crying even thinking about it.

So maybe John Stamos and Lori Loughlin did mutually crush on each other. Maybe, as Stamos has said, Loughlin was, "the one that got away," but it's really better for our collective imaginations that it didn't work out. Thanks for saving us the heartache guys. Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse, it seems, were meant to exist solely on screen, and that's more than fine with me.