There's Allegedly A Germanwings Crash Video

A joint report by German newspaper Bild and French magazine Paris Match indicates that there is a cellphone video of the Germanwings plane crash during the final seconds. According to Paris Match, the video was found in the wreckage by a source close to the investigation. The video has not been made public — and honestly, let's hope it never is — but the two news organizations have allegedly seen the video and described in detail what they saw.

The report says it was a chaotic scene. People were screaming in different languages, and there are three metallic bangs heard, perhaps confirming that the pilot was trying to knock the cockpit door down, possibly with a heavy object. Near the end of the video, there's a "heavy shake," and then the video ends.

Frederik Pleitgen, a CNN senior correspondent who's currently in Cologne, Germany, said the video appears to have been taken from a phone's SIM card. Bild and Paris Match say they verified the authenticity of the video, but of course, as of right now that cannot be certain. Pleitgen further says the video appears to have been taken from the back of the plane, but it's unclear whether it was a crew member or passenger who was filming.


The video allegedly fits the black box audio information that was released by Bild earlier this week. That audio indicated that pilot Capt. Patrick Sondenheimer said he hadn't been able to take a bathroom break before takeoff, and co-pilot Andreas Lubitz repeatedly tells him to go ahead whenever he wants. Sondenheimer does, and two minutes later, the plane begins to descend. Several of the plane's alarms go off, Sondenheimer allegedly yells at Lubitz to open the door, and several of the metallic bangs are heard that seem to imply Sondenheimer was trying to break down the door.

Image: Getty Images (1)