Is Lifetime's 'Killer Crush' Based On A True Story? Judging By These Similar Movies, We Can Guess How It Will End

Lifetime always tests my real world knowledge to a point where I don't know what is reality and what is fictionalized for television. Lifetime's new film Killer Crush is doing just that. The film is about a student who becomes crazily obsessed with her teacher, for whom she'll do just about anything so that they can be together. Anything. And this is a Lifetime movie, after all, so you know that "anything" probably includes some highly immoral actions. So is Killer Crush based on a true story?

If the story sounds familiar, it probably isn't because you read about it after clicking on one of those obscure links a "friend" from high school posted on Facebook. There could be some student somewhere who has become obsessed with a teacher to the point of questionable safety, but Killer Crush isn't based on a true story. The reason the story might sound familiar is because it isn't the first time a movie regarding a blurred-line relationship between teacher and student has been made. What makes this different is that Paige, the student, begins a job as a caretaker for her teacher's wife with MS, so she's really close to the situation.

Because Killer Crush isn't a true story, we technically don't know how it ends. But, if we use the formula from past student-teacher relationship movies, we can probably figure it out.

The Perfect Teacher

The Perfect Teacher, another Lifetime movie, tells the story of a female student who becomes obsessed with her math teacher. Devon, who goes to extremes so she and her teacher can be together, ends up killing those close to him and kidnapping his child. The movie ends with Devon being admitted to a mental hospital, where she becomes obsessed with her appointed therapist. Still waiting on that sequel.

The Boy Next Door

Ah, yes. J. Lo's Boy Next Door was the most recent experiment with student-teacher affairs that ended in a very ugly way. Noah — played by Ryan Guzman — is a sociopath who has killed his father and his father's mistress. In an attempt to win Claire over, Noah tries to kill everyone Claire (Lopez) loves — succeeding in some cases. But the film — SPOILERS AHEAD — ends with Noah dead courtesy of J. Lo dropping an engine on him.


Well first and foremost, I'm putting out an SOS for the teacher's wife. If Paige is willing to do whatever it takes to be with her teacher, the first person to go is always the wife. And Paige? The obsessive student is probably going to end up in a mental hospital or dead. Harsh, but the past doesn't lie. May the odds be in everyone's favor.

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