Watch These Guys Try To De-Code Women's Fashion

Everyone knows that there are some aspects of women's fashion that lots of men just don't get it. And while that should never stop you from working that fur vest or those high waisted shorts like a runway pro, watching dudes stumble and fumble when it comes to comes to figuring out what the hell is that thing is still pretty hilarious. Cosmopolitan recruited these poor, confused guys to decode the latest women's fashion and sadly we're left with the same conclusion: Dudes just don't get it.

Granted, Cosmo didn't exactly pick out the most conventional outfits for these fellows to dissect. And while the designers and brands are left unsaid, the stuff all looks like it comes form the gleefully bizarre sale section of Nasty Gal — aka, not the kind of thing your average lady is going to wear to the office. But the utter confusion the men express when handed something as duh-worthy as a cape is simply beautiful.

But that got me thinking, where did Cosmo get that stuff? Naturally, I headed straight over to Nasty Gal and unsurprisingly, I found the very same outfits, or extremely similar wears throughout the site. So if you want to raise a defiant middle finger to the patriarchy or channel the chic (Web) pages of ManRepeller Leandra Medine's blog, check out the delightfully impractical ensembles below.

"It's kind of formal, but like... trashy formal"

This lamé party dress that one dude thought was "insulated to keep you warm" (what.) can be yours for a mere $200.

"It doesn't seem to have parts for your limbs..."

The guys may have thought this was funeral appropriate, but prove them wrong by rocking this cape from day to night.

"Is it a laundry bag?"

No and they're not "slutty pajamas" either (SIDE EYE). They're merely a see-through, black lacy pant from Nasty Gal. Just make sure you have pretty underwear on.

"This is like rock climbing fashion"

Although perfect for the type of girl who runs her own BDSM dungeon (as one man points out), the caged garter belt is also perfect for... well, I'm not exactly sure. Gotta say, I'm with the guys on this one.