'The Americans' Season 4 Is Happening & It Needs To Answer These Important Questions

Hooray Elizabeth and Phillip Jennings fans — FX just dropped the best news possible! The network's widely acclaimed drama series The Americans has been renewed for Season 4, though four whole episodes are still set to air in its third season. FX's programming president Nick Grad stated in the announcement for the renewal, "Remarkably, this season of The Americans has achieved even greater acclaim than that of its first two seasons... The series has cemented it status with critics as television’s best current drama and arguably the best show on TV, and we couldn’t agree more."

Now there's no question that The American is easily one of the best series on television (even if the Emmys and Golden Globes refuse to recognize the series as a whole or any of the main actors), but the problem has always been with the ratings. Thankfully, FX moved past the fact that the series desperately needs more viewers and rewarded it for its content. But what can we expect from next season?

As the announcement was just made on Tuesday, there's little chance that the cast and crew have any Season 4 spoilers they're willing to give us — especially since there are still four episodes left in Season 3. But without getting into too much detail, here are a few things I hope we get to witness either by the end of this season, or by the start of next season that can progress into larger storylines as the series progresses.

1. Elizabeth Continuing To Kick Lots Of Ass

She's just so cool guys. I need more Keri Russell ass kicking in my life even if she sometimes does terrible things for the sake of making the world a better place (as she told poor Betty she believed she was doing.)

(RIP Betty.)

2. Paige Discovering The Truth About Her Parents' Double Lives & Picking A Side

At this point, this is inevitable: Paige will discover her parents' secret, most likely because at this point it seems Elizabeth is just going to tell her already. But what will she decide once she knows the truth? Will she fall for the charms and the passion of her mother's duty or agree with her father she needs to stay away from this life? Or will she be too hurt and betrayed to want anything to do with them? I honestly can't wait to find out the ramifications of this reveal.

3. More Tension Between Elizabeth and Philip (Hear Me Out!)

Listen, I love Philip and Elizabeth together. But one of the things that makes this series so freaking great is the familial tension, the deep-rooted love, stress and frustration in a marriage combined with the extraordinary situation of the Jennings also being secret operatives. The balance of the real-life problems and tension with the problems and tensions of their double lives and how they intersect makes for captivating television. Philip and Elizabeth are at odds about revealing their world to their daughter, and Philip is now dealing with the inner conflict about his newly discovered son. There's so much drama still to arise that will be incredible to watch.

4. Nina and Stan's Reunion

Will they see each other again? Will it be a tearful, loving reunion or will each other's betrayal get to them and cause them to hate each other? Either way, I have to know. I have to watch.

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