George Clooney's Best Pranks Are All The Proof In The World That He's The King Of Trickery

George Clooney is known for a lot of things. He's one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, an accomplished director, and, of course, a total silver fox. But while Clooney may radiate a mature sense of worldliness, he's not always such so mature: In fact, George Clooney is addicted to pranking his friends and he's disturbingly good at it. According to reports, the actor began studying the art of pranking from a young age (read: was kind of a pain as a kid) and now has such a wide variety of prank techniques under his belt that maybe he should replaced Ashton Kutcher as the host of Punk'd all those years ago — George Clooney's best pranks are indication of that.

Personally, pranks make me nervous, and I'm not sure I could handle being pals with Clooney. I'd be afraid that I'd come home to a lawn filled with cow manure, or a bedroom filled with plastic wrapped furniture. I just couldn't possibly live on edge like that, and I'm not sure how the actor's famous pals like Matt Damon and Brad Pitt still hang out with Clooney when he's in the prank zone — haven't they learned from experience that if there's an opportunity for a prank, Clooney will take it?

Here are some of Clooney's wildest and weirdest practical jokes that will make you laugh — and also glad that you don't have to avoid Clooney's pranking on a daily basis:

The Kitty Litter Prank

Here's a simple prank you can do if you want to convince your friends that their beloved cat is constipated. While staying with his pal Richard Kind, Clooney cleaned the kitty litter box each and every day — but never told Kind. Kind was so sure that something was wrong with his cat that he took it to the vet... after which, according to the Los Angeles Times Magazine, Clooney left his own surprise in the box.

The Painting Prank

Here's another prank on his good friend Kind. Clooney convinced Kind that he was taking art classes for a year. Then, according to CBS News, on Kind's birthday, Clooney gifted him his very first "art piece" — which was really a hideous painting he purchased at a garage sale. Out of respect for his friend's "work," Kind hung the painting in his home for years before Clooney revealed it was all a joke.

The Bumper Sticker Prank

Simple, but effective: According to Paper Mag, Clooney once had Brad Pitt's car outfitted with a "small penis onboard" bumper sticker.

The Expanding Waist Prank

While on set, Matt Damon confided in Clooney that he was trying to lose 15 pounds. According to E! Online, Clooney responded by secretly having the wardrobe department take in Damon's pants to convince him that he was gaining weight despite his best efforts to lose it.

The "You're Dead!" Prank

Nick Clooney, George's father, had a role in The Monuments Men as an older version of George's character. According to ET Online, when Clooney showed his dad the screener, he made sure it included the tag "In Loving Memory of Nick Clooney" at the end.

The Wedding Prank

Clooney had the paparazzi fooled with this one. In 2005, according to Vulture, he organized a fake "wedding" for Pitt and his partner Angelina Jolie, and was able to fool the cameras for two whole weeks.

The Vodka Contest Prank

This time, Pitt was in on the prank. According to Contact Music, Clooney and his pal challenged producer Jerry Weintraub to a "vodka drinking contest" on a flight to Los Angeles. The catch? Pitt and Clooney were drinking water, while Weintraub got the real deal. After he passed out, the actors filled his pants with M&Ms. Clooney is truly the king of bizarro pranks.

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