Christina Is The Best 'Voice' Coach, Period

The competition on NBC's The Voice always heats up as the show and its teams head into the live performances. After the knockout rounds, the coaches' teams are down to five amazing singers each and there's so much talent on each squad that it's really anyone's game. But I think it's pretty obvious that Christina Aguilera is the best coach on The Voice . The 34-year-old singer/songwriter came back after taking a season off to have her baby daughter and Aguilera hasn't missed a beat — just look at the folks she assembled in Season 8, like singers Rob Taylor, Lexi Davila, India Carney, Ariel "Sonic" Valle, and Kimberly Nichole. Christina knows what's up.

"With different coaches, you get different flavors and different styles and different talent that come on the show," Aguilera told Collider in February. "It’s great that you can share and feel proud of somebody that you’ve supported through this journey, which is crazy and it’s a lot of work for them, and you get to see what they go through." And Aguilera knows how to work her singers and make sure they're ready for the final rounds. Sure, a member of Team Christina hasn't been crowned winner just yet, but I believe it'll happen soon — perhaps even this season.

Here's why Aguilera is The Voice's best coach and why she'll have a winning singer soon enough:

She Knows Her Fellow Coaches Well

And can do killer impersonations of them, too. Most of all, she knows their strengths and weaknesses.

She's So Enthusiastic For Her Singers

Aguilera is also not afraid to dance it out.

She Teaches Her Team to Make The Other Coaches' Songs Better

Maroon 5's "Animals" never sounded better.

She Gives Great Advice While Working With the Celebrity Advisers

Nick Jonas + Xtina = So much knowledge right there.

She Has The Respect Of The Other Coaches

They know she knows exactly what she's doing.

She's Forgiving

Aguilera can push all that other stuff aside and focus on what really matters: The music.

She Can Turn That Chair With Style

Because Xtina knows what she wants when she hears it.

She's Super Competitive

Do not mess with Mama when she comes to play.

She Inspires Team Spirit

Aww. The team that selfies together, wins together.

And She's Like A Proud Mama With Her Budding Superstars

But now the question remains: Can this amazing coach finally get her win?

Images: Trae Patton/NBC; nbcthevoice/Tumblr (9)