Lori Is Elizabeth's Egg Donor On 'Finding Carter,' But That Can't Be The End Of Her Story

Did you see this one coming? Hopefully you didn't write Lori off as a raging lunatic too soon — OK, fine, she's definitely a raging lunatic, but there's so much more here. On Tuesday night's Finding Carter premiere, during her big reveal, we learned that Lori is Carter and Taylor's biological mother on Finding Carter . That's right, long before Carter was kidnapped and Lori became the wig-wearing, twice-kidnapper we know today, Lori was Elizabeth's egg donor when she couldn't get pregnant. But this can't be it, can it?

It just seems way to simple for Lori's entire story to be that she donated her eggs, tracked them down, and decided that she "had rights" to Carter and Taylor because they share her DNA. (Sorry, guys.) That seems like a lot of trouble and guaranteed jail time for something like that — and how in the hell does Lori know for sure that these are her kids anyway? OK, I'm sure there are records for that kind of thing but, if what Lori said is true about Elizabeth and David not wanting her to contact them, then how would she have finagled her way into that information? And, I mean, this is the Finding Carter Season 2 premiere, after all.

I'm not convinced — and no one should be, for that matter — that Lori's story ends here. And I definitely don't think she was just trying to get under Elizabeth's skin by telling her to "talk to David" about what else Lori knows about their family and what David knows about her. If you thought David was suspicious in Season 1, well this definitely cemented that he's a prime suspect in this mystery. Is it possible that David and Elizabeth knew each other more intimately BEFORE she was picked to be their egg donor? It sure seems like it's possible — we know that David has a secret, we know that he and Elizabeth shared this secret, so we'd just be silly at this point not to assume that there are even bigger secrets hiding out in the Wilson house.

Lori didn't just kidnap Carter because she believed she had "rights" to her biologically, so what else is going on here? Just because Lori's in jail, doesn't mean she's gone forever. If she can kidnap the same child twice, she can weasel her way out of this one.

Image: screengrab/MTV