Skype Consults Are The New Cosmetic Surgery Trend

While I've never had a doctor come to my crib to do a house call, administering medicine on the couch because I was too sick to go to his or her office, the new cosmetic surgery trend is Skype sessions, which offer in-depth, pre-surgery consultations. So it's sorta like a house call, 21st century-style.

Longevita, a company that helps patients find proper doctors in a location other than their own, is employing these Skype consults; Longevita helps clients find cosmetic, hair transplant, or dental surgeons in Turkey.

I probably wouldn't trust such a huge undertaking like going under the knife to someone outside of the U.S. whom I've never met, but that's just me. Technology now makes such a decision, like going abroad for a procedure, seem a little less daunting and more comfortable. At the end of the day, it's your body and how you nip, tuck, or alter it is totally up to you and how you go about it is a matter of personal preference.

While I am fairly certain I still wouldn't go under the knife in a country other than my own, since that is where I am most comfortable and because I can't help but worry about complications and health insurance headaches, it's a relief to know that this service exists. If we're talking about comfort levels, that's my threshold. I am sure doctors abroad are amazing, but I tend to stick with the system I know.

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Still, here are the reasons this concept is really revolutionary and awesome, and it should apply to surgeries done in one's home country, as well.

1. The Waiting Game

You can reduce waiting room wasted time but still get a face-to-face discussion by doing it via Skype. You can look the surgeon in the eye, see his or her face, and talk it out as though you were in the office.

2. One-on-One

Longevita actually arranges free video consultations prior to any traveling for face-to-face consults or ensuing treatments, so it does reduce time and cost. If you indeed have to travel abroad for surgery, that can get expensive... quick. Skype seshes are not meant to replace the physical, in-the-same-room one-on-ones, which rely on human contact. That has to happen eventually. And ya know, even if you are having surgery or a procedure in the same state, a Skype sesh would have so many benefits.

3. Convenience

Any surgery, be it elective or necessary, is not to be taken lightly. All pre-op discussions should not be rushed, and concerns need to be mapped out and thought through. But it is refreshing to not have to interrupt your work day and head to a sterile office, surrounded by people you don't know, to discuss stuff. In this Skype setting, you can talk to your doctor from behind the closed door of your office, your home, or wherever you feel most comfy and cozy. Plus, if it's just a consult, there is less pressure.

Longevita surgeon Prof. Dr. Fuat Yuksel noted, "Video consultations give patients peace of mind. They can ask any medical questions that may be playing on their mind and it means we can form a mutual understanding with them before they commit to anything."

Yuksel furthered, "Of course it's essential to have a face-to-face consultation before having a procedure too. At this final consultation, we examine patients meticulously and give a step-by-step description about how the procedure will be performed."

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So there. If you want to travel for a plastic surgery procedure, you have a wonderful option at your disposal. I think domestic doctor's offices should figure out a way to further incorporate Skype into their practices, for both cosmetic and essential consults, as well.

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