Katy Perry Says Divorce From Russell Brand Left Her In Bed For Two Weeks, "Shattered"

Katy Perry's new album might still feature plenty of innuendo, but it's also got a deeply personal side — namely, a few songs that explore the devastating effect her split with Russell Brand had on her. As a result, Perry has been talking her ex-husband Brand, and the heartbreak he dealt her following their divorce. In fact, she's been getting really real about it. "I was in bed for about two weeks," Perry admits to Britain's Sunday Times of how Brand's sudden request for divorce. "I was pretty f**ked, yes. It hurt a lot — I got a good knock."

Poor lady. Say what you will about her, her music, or her past penchant for dresses made out of plastic, at the end of the day Perry's just a woman who got her heart broke — and how! "Unfortunately, although I had a lot of outward self-identity, I didn't have the inner kind, I hadn't built that up," she said. "My self-worth was in someone else's hands, which is never a good idea, because it can be taken from you at any time. And it was, and it was shattered."

Like we said: Poor lady. You gotta admit it takes some guts to talk about this stuff so publicly, even if one is already famous. At least it all went to good use — straight into her sure-to-be-platinum Prism.