Guess Who Landed A 'Lucky' Mag Cover...

Lucky's spring Special Edition Issue has not one, not two, but three cover stars. And no, the trifecta does not include anyone named Cara, Karlie, Taylor, Joan, Rihanna, or Sookie. There is nary an "It Girl" in sight. Grumpy Cat, Karl Lagerfeld's Choupette, and Toast cover Lucky for the Special Edition, with each fur baby getting her own faboosh cover.

Animal lovers are treated to two felines and one pooch. While we love seeing the aforementioned A-list celebs looking gorgeous on mag covers, it's a refreshing treat for Lucky to try something new. I'm glad I subscribe.

Each cover "girl" was chosen because of her social media and cultural profile. Combined, the trio boasts nearly a million Instagram followers. Choupette is pretty famous, and her cover appointment is not shocking, since she has some serious pull and friends in high places, given her owner Lagerfeld's roles at fab houses like Chanel and Fendi.

Grumpy Cat rocks a sour puss that you can't help but love, while Toast is a symbol of survival, having been rescued from a puppy mill.

These divine creatures don't just grace their own cover with maximum cuteness and creature class. They also get their own features, which reveal their social media secrets and more.

Like I can't with this! So freaking clever.

The issues land on stands April 8. They're cute and collectible so why not grab 'em all? Unless this is a prank of course (it's April Fools' Day, after all) — which I, for one, seriously hope it's not because how adorable are these covers? Check 'em out, real or not, below.

1. Choupette

That lush fur! Those baby blues! No wonder she nabbed a cover. No Karl Lagerfeld nepotism here.

2. Toast

Toast could have shared this cover with Miley Cyrus, thanks to that tongue. How about that gold cuff? #Adorbs. Toast may not have any teeth but she is the definition of precious. Love, love, and love.

3. Grumpy Cat

Don't turn that frown upside down. In addition to mesmerizing blue eyes, Grumpy Cat's turned down mouth is purrrrr-fect and redefines beauty standards.

While I love how these covers celebrate how much we love and spoil our pets, remember that there are lots of animals who need fur-ever homes, so consider adopting a shelter dog or cat. It will change their life... and yours.

Images: Lucky (4)