Who's Your Favorite TV Heroine? We Decode The Secret Meaning Behind Your Favorite Female Television Character

Any self-respecting television viewer has to admit that her favorite female TV characters are much more than just fictitious people whose lives she tunes in to every week. The characters that we really love become a real part of our identities, especially the female characters that we most love, identify with, or wish that we could identify with. And whether you grew up learning from mistakes made by Jessie, Kelly, Lisa, and the crew at Bayside High School or spent your childhood envying Serena van der Woodsen’s "it-girl" status and awesome shoes, you know that you hold these women close to your heart.

And these days, there are even more characters to become obsessed with than when we were growing up. Women on television are getting more screen time than ever before; and whether it's the nearly all-female cast of Orange is the New Black or the powerful female characters on Shonda Rhimes' Thursday night lineup, today's TV heroines are more complex (and occasionally, more corrupt) than any of the TV heroines we grew up idolizing.

Whether you adore Olivia Pope, or have a heart that beats only for Rachel Green, you know about the special relationship a lady has with her favorite TV characters. But do you know what your favorite TV heroine says about you? Read on, and find out what your ongoing obsession with Rory Gilmore really means.

1. Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl


You are: The Fashion-Forward Queen Bee

You thrive on being the center of attention and the role of mean girl may come naturally to you (even if you don't necessarily let your friends know). You’re a born leader and often find yourself sticking up for your friends when you feel they are being targeted. Although some might say you come off as stuck-up or self-righteous, you know you use your powers for good...at least most of the time.

2. Brooke Davis, One Tree Hill


You are: The Cheerleader With A Heart of Gold

Cheerleader types all too often get an unfairly bad rap. Sure, Brooke sat at the top of the high school hierarchy at Tree Hill High School, but she was anything but mean. You are the bubbly one in the group who always seems to be dating someone new. Some people may judge you because of your perkiness, but everyone loves you once they get to know you. You can’t help it if you’re popular, right?

3. Rory Gilmore, Gilmore Girls


You are: The Charming Bookworm

You would rather snuggle up with a good book than head out for a night at the bars and clubs. You probably discovered who you were while reading a novel by Tolstoy or Dickens, and you always carry a book in your bag because you never know when you’ll have a moment of downtime. This doesn’t mean you’re socially awkward — you just know that imagination is far better than reality.

4. Claire Underwood, House of Cards


You are: The Power Broker

You probably watch House of Cards just to live vicariously through the characters. Sure, you'd never outright admit it for fear of being labeled “cold” or “manipulative.” But you never take no for an answer and accept that politics, like life, often gets ugly and that the end always justify the means. Sorry, Zoe.

5. Olivia Pope, Scandal


You are: The Voice of Reason

You are calm in a crisis. Friends run to you with worries ranging from what to wear on a job interview to whether they should give the guy they’ve seeing yet another chance. You act like you have it all together, but you would never admit that the real thing that needs to be fixed is your own life.

6. Hannah Horvath, Girls


You are: The Borderline Narcissist

You suffer for your art (or whatever it is that you do). And sometimes, you make the people in your life suffer in service of your goals, too. If you snap at a friend for running five minutes late for coffee, it’s only because you’ve had writer’s block all week. She might get annoyed in the moment, but she'll forgive you once your work finally gets the recognition it deserves (probably). You'll make sure to thank her in your acceptance speech. That should smooth things over, right?

7. Tami Taylor, Friday Night Lights


You are: The Mom Of The Group

You are the friend who can be relied upon to have snacks in her bag. You are the friend who had a retirement savings account since college. You are the friend who says things like, “I’m taking care of my emotional health.” Some people are just born wise: you were probably babysitting at 11, had your first job at 15, and were always responsible. Some would say that you play it safe and sometimes, you wonder what it would be like to really let your hair down. Those are the days you allow yourself two espresso shots in your latte.

8. Cookie Lyon, Empire


You are: The Hot Mess

Wherever there is tequila, you’re not far behind. You practically coined the expression "It's not my fault," and you firmly believe trouble comes looking for you (not the other way around). So, maybe you are that person in the group. But it’s okay, because you always have your friend's back and you aren’t afraid to step on some toes, if necessary.

9. Olivia Benson, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


You are: The Passionate Activist

You aspire to help the less fortunate. You probably support a slew of causes, from fighting human trafficking to saving endangered animals. You believe in voicing your opinions and actively participate in walks and protests to do your part to make the world a better place. You've got a soft heart, but you're no pushover — especially when you see someone threatening someone weaker than them.

10. Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy


You are: The Well-Meaning Screw Up

You make a lot of mistakes. You sleep with inappropriate people. You take that shot from the stranger at the bar. You continue to flirt with your colleague, even though you clearly see the ring on his finger. But at the end of the day, you are still a hopeless romantic who wants to find love and get her life together. Even though your life may play out like a soap opera, look at Meredith. Things turned out okay for her (as long as you don’t count the bombs, shootings and plane crashes).

11. Rachel Green, Friends


You are: The Reformed Daddy's Girl

People may think life comes easy for you. And that's not necessarily their fault — your attractiveness and charmed upbringing can make it hard for people to take you seriously at first. So you're used to being judged — but you're also used to proving people wrong. Sure, you might be neurotic sometimes, but it's that exact quality (combined with your vulnerability and earnestness) that makes you absolutely irresistible.

12. Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City


You are: The Hopeful Romantic

How could I finish this list without including Ms. Bradshaw? If you relate to Carrie on a personal level, then you are not alone. You are most likely just as inquisitive, just as sexually adventurous and just as caring as she is. You challenge the norm and are not afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve, even though it's been broken too many times for you to count. Your smarts and boldness make you attractive to potential partners, but you pride yourself on the fact that you don't need to be in a relationship. However, that doesn't mean you don't want one.

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