12 Easter Flowers That Are Perfect For Your Sunday Table Centerpiece

Nothing can determine the beauty of a holiday dinner like a centerpiece can, and with Easter being a sign of all things spring, there's no better decision than to make sure your table is covered with breathtaking flowers. These 12 Easter flowers are truly representative of the holiday, and their beauty goes without saying. Stick with brights, pastels, and colorful arrangements of the following flower varieties, and you're sure to impress all of your guests. It's time to make a trip to the florist.


While the white lily is the traditional Easter flower representing both love and hope, don’t be afraid to branch out this year with more colorful lilies — like the beautifully speckled tiger lily.

Image: Doug McAbee/Flickr


Another popular pick on Easter is the daisy, which symbolizes purification. While these beauties only come in one color from Mother Nature, many florists have dyed varieties that add some creativity to the mix.

Image: John/Flickr


It seems everyone loves a pretty tulip, and thanks to their large range of colors, you’re likely to find the perfect match for your table’s decor. Oh, and did I mention that they symbolize the many kinds of love?


Nothing says “Easter” like a fresh bunch of yellow daffodils. Representative of unrequited love, they’re a nice batch to have on the table.

Image: Royce Bair/Flickr


Purple hyacinths symbolize forgiveness, which seems pretty appropriate considering the religious background of the holiday. They also give off a lovely sweet scent that won’t overwhelm guests.


Whether or not you’re a fan of the Australian rap/pop sensation who goes by the same name, you’re going to be a fan of these lovelies. These flowers have a range of meaning, from good health to passion.

Image: Costel Slincu/Flickr


Represent your holiday cheer on the table with a vase filled with chrysanthemums, some of the most luscious flowers out there. Specifically, white chrysanthemums are said to represent truth.


These beautifully ornamental plants symbolize love, strength, and beauty — not bad. The intimate designs patterned into the petals also make for a stirring centerpiece.


Long associated with both gratitude and humility, a bright collection of bluebells makes for a lovely decor addition on the Easter table.


Roses are the classic fit for any situation — just make sure you’re picking the right color. Pink, peach, and yellow are all excellent choices for the occasion, symbolizing appreciation, passion, and joy respectively.


These little bunches of flowers can fill a centerpiece in no time. They represent gratitude and sincere, heartfelt emotions.

Sweet Peas

Don’t let their name confuse you — sweet pea flowers are some of the loveliest and most delicate. Indicating pleasure and bliss, they’re sure to put a smile on all of your guests’ faces.