'Gilmore Girls' & 'Hart Of Dixie' Need A Crossover

by Alanna Bennett

If you ever thought that Hart Of Dixie's town Bluebell sure looks a lot like Gilmore Girls' town Stars Hollow, you're not wrong. Hart Of Dixie and Gilmore Girls share a gazebo and a set, literally. And that's not even getting into the bits of Gilmore Girls' Stars Hollow that echo through Bluebell on Hart of Dixie: The wacky town traditions, the town meetings, the rotund, nosy men who watched over it all, the wiry, enthusiastic wackadoo who works everywhere. The similarities between these two amazing shows can't be denied. And that's not a bad thing.

I enjoyed my four years with Hart Of Dixie's cast of characters, while fully accepting that they occupy a space in my heart next to the one occupied by the characters that populated Gilmore Girls. In fact, the shows' commonalities beg not for competition, but for combination. Gilmore Girls and Hart Of Dixie's worlds, being what they are, are such that it wouldn't actually be much of a stretch to imagine their characters cohabitating in the best small town utopia of all time. Because, if you don't think all of Stars Hollow would try to show up for the birth of Rory Gilmore's first child like the residents of Bluebell did for Zoe Hart's, then frankly I don't know if we've been watching the same show.

So without further ado, I present to you some things I'm sure would happen in Bluebell Hollow.

Kirk & Tom Long Fight To The Death For All The Town Jobs

They would be the best of friends and the fiercest of rivals. Someone's gotta do all the work in this town.

Taylor & Dash Would Spend Their Lives Together

Whether married as a couple or as a pair of asexual companions, Taylor and Dash would enjoy a life together as their town's nosy pseudo-leaders.

Lavon Would Usurp Taylor's Place As Actual Leader Of the Town

Lavon is just better at being mayor than Taylor is at being Town Selectman. He's beloved, he's handsome, he's personable, and he's got great taste in pastries. He might not even commandeer the seat on purpose; he'd just be voted in immediately.

George Would Date Rory

They'd get together in the time after Rory had graduated and joined the press for Obama's 2008 campaign. It'd still be a controversial decision on both their parts (particularly George's), but in line with their past relationship choices.

George Would Manage Hep Alien

George would become Hep Alien's band manager. He's so good that he books them an international tour, allowing Lane to live her life not as a very young mother of twins but as a touring rockstar drummer like she'd always dreamed.

There Would Be A Lavon/Lorelai/Luke Love Triangle

I just see no way where Lavon and Zoe are not a part of the Lorelai/Sookie/Jackson friend group. Lavon just loves pastries and ballsy women too much, and Zoe and Lorelai would bond over their complicated relationships with their parents. I believe this friend group situation, and the fact that everyone involved is so beautiful, would lead to a flirtation between Lavon and Lorelai — maybe even a relationship. And, if this scenario actually took place, I might even have a hard time choosing between Luke and Lavon.

Miss Patty Would Hit On Lavon Daily

It would be their morning ritual as he walked around the town, and he'd smile and chuckle and hand her an extra danish he just happened to have with him.

Lemon Would Go In On the Inn With Lorelai & Sookie

Michel would still be there, but in a smaller role. Lemon would have pushed her way into the endeavor, too — and, though she and Lorelai may have started as adversaries (Lemon is kind of terrifying), Lorelai would respect Lemon's business sense and Lemon would respect Lorelai's flare and chutzpah. They'd work together begrudgingly at first, but, as the inn blooms into a success story, they'd grow into genuine friends.

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