7 Facts About Harry Styles' Hair, Because His Mane Is So Important, Twitter Accounts Are Dedicated To It

It's curly. It's easy to flip. It's been credited as the quite literal crowning jewel to charm One Direction fans everywhere, and not to mention the way to get the attention from all the ladies. I'm talking, of course, about Harry Styles' famous hair. You already know that it's a shoe-in for nearly every magazine or website round up of the best male celebrity hairstyles. But do you know all the interesting things there are to know about his hair? Check out this round-up to test your knowledge!

There Are Multiple Twitter Account's Dedicated To It

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Follow @HarrysHair, @HarrySHairOff, or @HarrysMane for funny fan-updated Harry-related posts, some, but not all, focusing on his locks.

He's A Fan Of Bumble Surf Spray


Though he washes his hair regularly, he told a reporter at Into The Gloss that if his hair is too clean, it doesn’t “do anything.” Hence the generous use of Bumble Surf Spray.

He's Not Afraid Of Ponytails

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In fall of 2013, Styles treated fans to a slightly different look before hopping on a plane, namely a small ponytail at the top of his head. Sure, he might have just needed a trim, but it’s always fun to keep the fans guessing.

Often, He Lets His Hair Dry Naturally


The boy band’s stylist revealed to SugarScape that one of the secrets to Styles’ curls looking so perfectly intact all the time is that he lets them dry naturally. But the stylist hinted that a retro hair item might come in handy when he’s in a rush—an ’80s diffuser attachment for a hairdryer!

He's Been Jokingly Accused Of Extensions

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Lily Allen jokingly accused Styles of wearing extensions before BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in spring of 2014. She tweeted, “Just saw Harry Styles having hair extensions put it #exclusive.”

Sometimes It's A Nuisance

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“I really like it. But sometimes it can get in the way, especially when I’m going for a run,” he told Now magazine. “Sometimes it’s a real pain,” he added. Hopefully this doesn’t mean the end of it is near!

He May Have Straightened It At One Point

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A photo believed to be of Styles at a much younger age has surfaced on Twitter, showing the boy bander with much straighter hair. You have been warned.