Chanel Is Finally Launching E-Commerce

We live in a digital age and brands are definitely taking note — even high-fashion brands. Chanel is launching e-commerce (finally!), so you can soon shop all your favorite Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner-approved pieces from the comfort of your own couch. Get ready to do a whole lot of late night impulse buying (if you're, like, a gazillionaire).

The decision to go digital comes as a bit of a shock (in a good way) because of Chanel's past refusal to conform to the online retail space. Bruno Pavlovsky, the brand's president of global fashion, previously said “Fashion is about clothing, and clothing you need to see, to feel, to understand” and “What they want is to feel unique” (referring to the brand's customers), Fashionista reported.

All of this has led us to believe that an online Chanel boutique will never happen — until now.

Pavlovsky now feels differently about an online offering. He recently told WWD “It’s an evolution to better serve our customers. Some of the customers are able to come into the boutique. Sometimes they don’t want to because they want to go faster and they know exactly what they want, so it should be able to better respond to the customers’ requests. So it’s more e-service than a pure e-commerce approach.”

If you ask me, it's about time Chanel got on board with the changing market of this Internet age. We get pretty much anything we want via our laptops these days, so we should definitely be able to buy luxury fashion pieces on the Web if we want to. Hopefully this bold move from Chanel will create a domino effect that will inspire other high-fashion brands to launch e-commerce. Here are the luxury labels we hope to see online next.

1. Céline


It doesn't seem like e-commerce for Céline will happen soon. The brand's CEO recently told WWD the label prefers to "engage with their customers in-store", Fashionista reported.

2. Dior


While Dior does offer accessories for purchase online, they still don't offer any ready-to-wear.

3. Louis Vuitton

Paula Bronstein/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Once again, you can only buy accessories online. It's time to bring in the clothes.

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