Overnight Skin Fixes: Wake Up With Amazing Skin in 4 Steps

I don’t really believe those girls who say they don’t do anything to their skin. Models, especially, are guilty of sprouting this falsehood. You know, they’re all, “I’m just luuucky! That, and I drink 50 glasses of water a day and get lots of sleep.” Right.

Truth is, we all need a little dermatological assistance on the regular, and if we ever want to get past the stage of letting our boyfriends see us without the cosmetic armor on, you’ve got to do some skin-hustle. Slap on these product picks before you nod off, and wake up with a whole new glow.

by Julia Teen

Wrinkles and crinkles

“Skin cell regeneration and cell turnover happens while you are switched off and resting, so the best treatment of your complexion happens overnight,” says Mally Steves of M Steves Skincare. If you are starting to see the wrinkle count going up, opt for a moisturizer that can deeply penetrate skin layers and absorb quickly, so it doesn’t end up all over your pillow.

M Steves RHSO Power-Packed Ultra-Nourishing Boost, $68, Amazon

Too much oil

You cleanse away the day, hit the pillow … and wake up with an oil slick once again. Get yourself a clay mask that’s rich in minerals to draw out the excess oiliness and leave you pleasantly matte before bed, ready for the AM.

GlamGlow Mud Mask, $43, Amazon


Use the horizontal time to feed your skin all that nourishing good stuff. Dry skin types, try this combo: First apply a rich, nourishing face oil, then layer with a protective moisturizer to seal in the hydration in. The better you skin-prep before bed, the better your morning makeup will gliiiiide on.

NUDE Skincare Discover Radiance Duo, $25, Nude Skincare

Also consider: John Masters Organics Facial Nourishing Oil, $30, Amazon


Next time you stumble in and attempt to fall into bed still wearing your makeup shame, try this trick. Take it all off, and apply a Vitamin C (antioxidant-rich) brightening serum. It only takes a minute, and trust us: the saggy, dull, dehydrated hangover face…. non-existent.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost, $26.99, Amazon