11 Things 'Dash Dolls' Needs to Be A Huge Spinoff

by Kenya Foy

If you're suffering from Kardashian fatigue, the announcement that there's a Kardashians spinoff called Dash Dolls heading for E! may sound like a source of further exhaustion, but here’s some good news: Dash Dolls will actually provide a bit of a break from the reality TV family in a different way. According to a press release, Dash Dolls will consist of eight one-hour episodes that showcase the lives of employees working in the Kardashian family-owned DASH boutiques — specifically, according to the description, the "young, fun, and hot employees as they navigate the hectic life of a twenty-something in Hollywood while representing the Kardashian brand. This new generation of boutique girls takes on the glamorous lifestyle that comes with managing one of today's most recognizable franchises, owned by three famous and often demanding bosses, while juggling romances, parties, family drama and other career aspirations."

Since the Kardashians have covered plenty of reality TV terrain from the Hamptons to New York and Miami by way of successful spinoffs, it seems only natural for them to lend some of the spotlight to their employees and their best friends Malika and Khadijah Haqq, who will also star on the show. Before it even hits the air, Dash Dolls already has all the makings of a hugely popular reality show — but there are some essential elements it absolutely must include (other than being related to the Kardashians) to guarantee its success:

Co-Workers Who Fight... A Lot

As long as they don't destroy merchandise in the process, employee fights will be great for this show.

A Doll Whose Customer Service Skills Need Work

Bad for DASH customers, yet so good for viewers.

Employee Hook-ups

Here's where things are guaranteed to get messy and I will enjoy every moment of it.

Relationship Troubles That Play Out On the Clock

Let the drama begin.

A North West Appearance

North's already ahead of the game on how to quickly execute DASH boutique walk-throughs.

A Kanye West Cameo

You know how the Dolls' faces light up when the Kardashians show up at DASH? Yeezy's visit would probably have the opposite effect.

An Employee Who Is So Desperate To Be A Kardashian

Obviously, this person won't have a long-lasting career at DASH, but it'll create some juicy fake drama.

Plenty of On-the-Job Meltdowns...

These are absolutely critical to Dash Dolls' success.

Drink-throwing Scenes

Whatevs, Khloé and Kourtney. Don't act like your Dolls won't get down and dirty.

An Epic Firing Scene

OK, Kim. I'll accept your lazy consent for now, but I have a feeling you'll be more enthusiastic after the firing episode airs.

Three "Krazy" Bosses

Oh, wait... they've already got this covered. Let the Dolls drama begin.

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