Gemma Correll's Feminist Illustrations Deconstruct Sexism — And Are Freaking Hilarious

You know what you need? You need these feminist cartoons by Gemma Correll, UK illustrator and self described small person, to help you through the sexist sludge we navigate every day. Correll has an incredible knack for turning misogynistic fixtures of our culture into hilarious illustrations. But beyond women’s issues, she addresses race, appropriation, and misguided pop culture happenings in ways both critical and witty.

Correll takes note of the whirlwind of patriarchal B.S. we’re tasked with either tuning out or simply resigning to, leading the Huffington Post to compare Correll, accurately, to comedian Megan Amram and The Reductress writers. She takes typical women's magazine topics (How to dress for your body type! Outfits men love!) and turns them on their head.

“Did you know that, here in the UK, feminine protection is taxed as a 'luxury,'” she asks on her Tumblr page beneath a cheeky illustrated ad for a 24 karat gold tampon. “Whereas helicopters, kangaroo meat, and alcoholic jelly shots are not?” Correll is something of a social satirist, and you’ll find yourself clicking through her website to uncover clever truths packaged in her signature aesthetic.

Take a look at a few below, and head over to her Twitter feed for regular updates.

Images: Courtesy Of Gemma Correll