Nick Lachey's 98 Degrees Throwback Picture Is Only The Beginning Of This Band's Amazing Fashion Crimes

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Oh, Nick Lachey, my handsome, brawny, talented lifelong crush — you never, ever disappoint me. You see, Nick Lachey just posted the best 98 Degrees throwback photo to his Instagram on Wednesday evening. Even better, he captioned the gem of a picture, "Hey GUYS, Shaq called and he wants his suits back! #WWITW #WhatWasIThinkingWednesday."

Really, it's a fair question to ask with offensively bad outfits such as the ones pictured. But, as any true boy band fan knows, 98 Degrees weren't exactly strangers to ridiculous late 90's attire. No, just take a gander at any of the band's music videos and you will understand that Lachey's Instagram post just scratches the surface of their continual fashion crime spree.

So, in honor of Lachey's amazing Instagram throwback, allow me to take you on a 98 Degrees music video fashion journey. All the way back to yesteryear...

Image: nicklachey/Instagram

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