Jamie Chung Reveals Her Coconut Oil Beauty Hack

With wedding season kicking in, it's normal to hear all of the beauty mantras your circle of friends seem to abide by before the big day. You can now add actress Jamie Chung to that group of friendly advice-givers. Just a couple of months away from tying the knot herself, Jamie Chung revealed her coconut oil beauty secret to InStyle in a recent interview. Chung always has such flawless hair and skin, and literally glows whenever she walks down the red carpet, so when she explained her secret tip to achieving those luscious locks, it all made complete sense to me.

The best part? It's totally affordable and easy to DIY! You'd think someone like Chung would choose an expensive hair care treatment, but her method is something anyone can do. She tells InStyle, "In terms of hair, I’ll also use masks but you can even use a home remedy like coconut oil." Of course, coconut oil. By now after reading all these fashion tips from celebs and stylists, I've deemed coconut oil as the ultimate go-to beauty product for all needs: hair, skin, makeup remover, the list really goes on.

Chung continues, "Put it on once a week, go four inches from the scalp and make sure that it goes all the way down to the tips. Just keep it in for 10 minutes and do a regular wash.” Genius? Genius.

No wonder her hair is always on point. This super easy DIY coconut oil hair mask is a complete game changer.

If you want to try it for yourself, I'd highly recommend using this product:

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