Lily-Rose Depp Has Blossomed From Cutie To Beauty

Last night, the Chanel Salzburg-NYC event was where all the cool cats were. There was Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, Dakota Johnson, Beyoncé, Karl Lagerfeld (of course) and a very familiar face that matured greatly — Lily-Rose Depp. As a rising fashionista, Depp had to be at the hottest fashion event of the week, right? To say the least, she looked absolutely gorgeous. I remember when I was Depp's age, I had braces and looked like an awkward teen. Yet 15-year-old Depp walks into the event, looking so stunning in a crop top and pencil skirt. Sorry, Cara D, but you weren't the only one turning heads this time.

Depp’s outfit was from the spring and summer couture collection and had a beautiful spring color scheme of pastel green and baby pink with pale blue and silver highlights. Throughout the event, Depp remained poised and collected and at the end of the event, Pharrell Williams performed Blurred Lines along with everyone’s favorite track, Happy. When the DJ took over, everyone hit the dance floor and as tight as the outfit was, it totally didn’t stop Depp from getting down to the jams that the DJ was spinning. Can’t wait to see more of this budding lady! Watch out, Daddy Depp, the boys are going to be hollering soon.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Image: Getty