13 Ways To Wear Pastel That'll Ensure You Stick To Your Cool Girl Style

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In today's totally mind-blowing fashion news, pastels are in for spring! Okay, we know that's nothing new — but the good news is there are ways to wear pastels that aren't basic or boring. In fact, they can also be edgy and cool if worn the right way.

My personal favorite way to wear pastels is when paired with black — I have always loved the juxtaposition of moody, edgy black pieces (like combat boots or biker jackets) mixed with soft and innocent pastels. And, as someone who has had dyed hair every color of the rainbow, I am (of course) absolutely nuts about the pastel hair craze.

There are other ways to make pastels cool, though, from choosing the right fabrics (try leather — faux is great, too!), to incorporating them in unexpected places, like in your makeup or your footwear. If you need some candy-colored springtime inspiration, look no further. Here’s your starting point for everything you need to make wearing pastels awesome this season.

Image: Instagram/orphic.grunge

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