Rihanna's Prank Is Actually More Like A Present

by Kadeen Griffiths

I don't think Rihanna actually understands the concept of April Fools' Day pranks. You see, Rihanna pranked Jimmy Kimmel with a surprise concert on Wednesday — that took place in his bedroom at 1 a.m. That's right. Rihanna's entire prank was to have her internationally famous self perform her new single, "B**** Better Have My Money," in a private concert that Kimmel didn't even have to leave his bed to witness. I think the pop singer may have confused the phrase "April Fools' Day prank" with the phrase "Once In A Lifetime Surprise Opportunity." I mean, no matter what time of day or night it is, exactly who is going to turn down a free Rihanna concert in their bedroom ever? If Rihanna wants to break into my house to give me a free concert, who am I to question her?

But, yeah, apparently this was some sort of prank. Kimmel, who was fast asleep with what appeared to be a mouthguard (more likely a sort of retainer) in his mouth, was exhausted and confused and, at certain points, even looked like he was considering burrowing a through his bed and floor in order to get away from this loud, light-and-confetti-filled madness going on in his room. However, here are seven reasons that this "prank" was actually a late birthday present for Kimmel, and he needs to appreciate it as such.

1. Rihanna Came To His House

That's right. Rihanna sacrificed the time she could have spent sleeping just to put on this concert for him. It would be ungrateful to call that a prank.

2. Rihanna Brought Back Up Dancers

Seriously, it was a full-on concert. There were cameras and back up dancers. The only thing that was missing was an overly tall man in front of you with his camera phone in the air, ensuring that neither you nor the tallest person behind you can see the stage.

3. Rihanna Threw Money At Him

Can we please take a moment to acknowledge that she threw $100 bills in Kimmel's bed? I repeat: there is a ton of money in Kimmel's bed, thanks to Rihanna. Yeah, case could be closed right there.

4. That's Not All She Threw At Him

There was also confetti involved. I love confetti. And, okay, so that's going to make a huge mess, but when Kimmel is cleaning that up he's probably chuckling to himself over these fond memories.

5. Kimmel Got To Hang Out With Rihanna

I don't care what time of night it is. You do not complain about getting to hang out with the "California King Bed" singer, OK?

6. Kimmel Also Has The Best Wife Ever

Kimmel's wife, Molly McNearney, helped to set this whole thing up — including letting Rihanna and her posse into the house and sneaking them into Kimmel's bedroom. So, basically, Rihanna gave Kimmel a reminder that his wife is the best.

7. Kimmel Got A Free Sketch For Jimmy Kimmel Live!

That's a whole three minutes of the show that he didn't have to film or come up with himself. So, in exchange for his pain and suffering, Rihanna did a portion of his daily work for him. Prank? What prank? This was the sweetest thing ever.

Check out the whole concert below.

Image: YouTube (8)