Hey Rihanna! Missy Elliott Did Bucket Hats First

Bucket hats might get a new lease on fashion life in 2015, since Rihanna's bestie Melissa Forde designed this type of topper. Rihanna wore a pink bucket hat, supporting her pal, and if Rihanna does it, "it" often becomes an instant fashion "do." There is speculation that Rihanna can bring back the bucket hat, and I don't disagree. Bucket hats are a fun, summer accessory. But let's give credit where it's due. Rapper Missy Elliott, who has spent much of the past decade on the down low, was known for her bucket hats and hats in general.

Bucket hats have a cute, unusual shape. But overall, hats are a great idea in summer, since they protect your hair color, your scalp, and even your forehead from the sun and its damaging rays. They add a dose of easy cool to whatever outfit you are wearing.

Elliott, who was also an urban and street fashion trendsetter during her heyday, is somewhat coming out of hibernation, thanks to her Super Bowl appearance with Katy Perry and with '90s and '00s kids having nostalgia for her jams like "Work It" or "Get Ur Freak On." So let's look at some of the ways you really can work a hat of any shape this spring and summer.

1. All Seasons, But...

Even though Missy paired her furry version with a pink coat on her album cover, the bucket hat is universal for any season.

2. Well-Covered

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether your hair is long or short, a bucket-like hat adds kick and cool.

3. Check With Your Fashion "Advisor"

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Visors are also a great summer option, since they keep your hair out of your face and the sun out of your eyes. Plus, you can do a pony or a bun with this type of cap.

4. Twisted Sister

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Ladies, you can make a simple baseball cap more fun by bending the brim just a bit and wearing it off to the side. It's a simple twist to a classic shape.

5. Colors And Prints

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Elliott also wore plenty of newsboy caps and a fun, bold color or print can take the also-classic shape up a notch.

6. Give The Beret A Chance

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Berets are a bit too fancy for every day wear or they are a bit fixed, which might make 'em uncomfortable for summer wear, but if you have a nighttime event and want to kick it into high gear with accessories, well, that's the way to do it. Throw the rules out the window.

Indeed, Missy Elliott is/was the queen of hats for all occasions, buckets and beyond. So while Rihanna might bring the bucket back, Missy Elliott is the point of inspo for all sorts of hats and how to wear 'em.

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