BuzzFeed's "Men Explain Periods" Video Hilariously Shows That Most Of Them Actually Can't

For most women, getting periods is just part of the routine — a really annoying, messy, aggravating part, but pretty standard all the same. But for guys, periods are not quite so straight forward — and as the Buzzfeed video "Men Explain Periods" shows, many of them have no idea how periods work at all. In fact, both their biological knowledge and their practical knowledge are severely lacking. Poor dudes.

Really, though, I suppose it isn't their fault that they're so clueless. After all, it's not like health classes in the U.S. are all that great when it comes to anything remotely involving the human reproductive system. So if you're not a person who gets periods and thus has a vested interest in understanding why all this blood is coming out of you once a month, I suppose it isn't the type of thing you'd seek to understand on your own.

Still, for those of us who deal with cramps and tampons (or pads, or Diva Cups, or whatever) every month, it's kind of hilarious to think about the fact that there's this whole segment of the human population that is totally clueless about this very basic thing. Some of the guys do seem to be decently well informed, so at least there's that... but still. Here are a few of the misconceptions revealed in the video:

1. "A Lot Of Blood And Stuff Just Like Floating Around"

Shockingly, women do not in fact have a lot of "blood and stuff" floating around between various "cavities." The female reproductive system may be scary, but it is slightly more sophisticated than that.

2. Tampons Are Not Party Poppers

They also would not work for nosebleeds.

3. "If You Have Flesh Inside of You And It's Just Ripping Itself Off..."

Yeah, the lining of your uterus isn't really "flesh" — or at least, not in the way I think you're imagining. (It also doesn't really have "chunks" either, whatever that means.) Cramps aren't about feeling stuff tearing inside of you, they're muscle pain. As the word "cramps" kind of implies.

4. Getting a Period Is Not Like Clogging a Toilet

Being asked to imagine getting a period obviously freaked most of these guys out pretty thoroughly, but this analogy had to be the most hilariously ridiculous.

Overall, I am not impressed with the male understanding of periods. But maybe if we just, you know, stopped treating them as something so taboo and actually started talking about them, we could clear these issues right up!

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