10 Moments In Life When Your Sister Is Seriously The Only Person You Can Talk To

Growing up, I wasn't the closest with my sister. I mean, we were close when we were really little, but once the middle school years hit? Forget it. I wanted to be with my friends and do my own thing. I would think, "She's so young! She doesn't get it!" Because, obviously, someone's value in middle school was solely determined by whether or not they "got it". Ah, my wise middle school mind. My parents and friends all told me that she and I would be singing a different tune once we got older, but I never believed them, truthfully. I just didn't think that being super close with my sister was something that was going to happen. We weren't those kind of siblings, and I was pretty comfortable with that.

But alas, fast forward ten years, and I am here singing a different tune. My sister — the stranger I shared a room with but swore I would never know and never understand — is now very much my best friend. It's been this way for years, and we both wrack our brains trying to think how we could have disliked each other for so long. Don't get me wrong, we still fight, but it's usually over tiny things that blow over within half an hour. Our relationship is nothing like the distant, conflict-plagued it used to be. At the end of the day, I know I would help her through or with anything, and I know she would be there helping me hide the metaphorical body, should I ever need it hidden.

Plus, as we get older and the three years between us start to seem smaller and smaller, we've come to the pretty necessary conclusion that, for some things, your sister is the only person you can go to. You'll obviously have other friends, and they serve their own specific use in your life, but in some cases, your sister is literally the only person you really want to talk to about whatever is going on:

When You Need The Cold, Hard Truth

Like, the coldest and hardest truth. The one you know deep down, but need to hear out loud to make it real. That one. Even your closest friends will gloss over things sometimes. We all do it. But your sister won't do that to you. She won't let you date the guy, buy the dress, or eat the terrible thing. If she knows it's terrible, she will tell you, no holds barred.

When You Genuinely Can't Remember if Something Happened to You Or Her

You have the memory in your head. You're laughing at the story you swear you remember, but then...wait. Was that actually you starring in that memory? I can't tell you the number of times I've been mid-story and been cut off by my sister saying, "Uh, no, that was me." When you're together all the time (and you get old and your brain starts to fail you and your childhood gets blurry), it's kind of bound to happen. There will inevitably be moments when you're recalling something from when you were growing up, and need to quickly text your sister to ask if something happened to you or her. It's something that people without siblings will never be able to understand.

When Your Family is Being So Crazy That You Can't Even

I can't tell you how many family parties I've snuck away from, only to find my sister already having escaped, waiting for me in our childhood bedroom, eyes rolling. We have a giant extended family, and sometimes it gets overwhelming. Or maybe one of us would have a fight with one of our parents and need the reassurance that they are, like, so wrong if they think you're not leaving the house. Who else could you have shared that understanding with? No one.

When They Have "Borrowed" Something Of Yours Without Asking And It's Time To Bring The Hammer Down

This is the blessing and the curse of being close in age, and close enough in size, with your sister: They are going to steal your stuff. As awful as it was to be dressed in matching outfits when you were little kids, it's just as horrible to have them perpetually stealing your crap when you grow up and start picking your own clothes. Having a sister is like having a whole second wardrobe to pick from! It's a beautiful thing, until you're looking for that one black shirt you really want to wear. You know where you put it. But it's gone and you know the only place it could be. In cases like these, your sister is truly the only person you can go to.

When You're Seeing Someone New

Let's face it: No one is sticking around for long without one specific person's stamp of approval. Your sister is more than likely going to be the maid of honor in your future wedding, so if you're going to date someone in any serious capacity, she needs to like this person. It's just a fact of the universe: Your significant other will have to be ready to face some serious judging before he or she can be fully accepted.

When You Need to Reminisce

Who better to walk down memory lane with than the person who was there with you? Probably no one. The funniest times, the times you thought you'd never survive, your favorite summer, whatever it is — if your sister was there for it, sometimes she's the only reminder you need.

When You Have A Secret That You Aren't Allowed To Tell Anyone But You Just Have to Tell Someone

Here's how the world works: If you tell me something and I promised you I wouldn't tell anyone, you should be aware that this pledge automatically includes a mental caveat: I won't tell anyone but my sister. This is pretty much the case with anyone who has a sister. Whomever you promised should know that by now, anyway, right? Right. Whether you're just bursting with the juiciest story, or the craziest thing just happened and you have to tell someone, your sister is always first in line.

When Your Friends Bail On You Last Minute

If your friends bail on your plans but you still want to see the movie/eat the food/go to the bar/gossip the gossip, or whatever it was that you were planning to do, there's only one thing to do: Call your sister. Lucky for you, you almost always have a built in companion in your sister. You didn't feel like socializing with other people anyway.

When You Have Nothing. To. Wear.

Scenario: You need to leave your house, and your closet is suddenly devoid of anything worth wearing. In this case, one of three things can happen:

  1. You can raid your sister's closet for something new-to-you to wear
  2. Your sister can talk you back into actually liking something of your own
  3. You will always have a shopping buddy to find something completely new

Whichever way you choose, you know you won't have to deal with it alone!

When You're About to Break Big News To Your Parents

Depending on the size of your Big News, you're going to need someone to do a practice run with. No one knows the way your parents will react to things better than you two, so you might as well gauge their reaction through your sister first! Worst case scenario, you know you'll have a least one person on your side, and that's a hell of a lot more than people without sisters can say.

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