Shop Chic Diaper Bags Designed By Jessica Alba

Can I just be Jessica Alba already? I thought chopping her hair off was enough to make her my forever style icon, but now with Jessica Alba's collection of diaper bags for The Honest Co. she’s gone and cemented that title. I’m not even a mom, and I still want to buy one of these bags. Yeah, that’s how stylish they are. I mean, I figure, if I’m already picking baby names, why can’t I go ahead and stock up on diaper bags? That’s totally normal, right?

Before you go thinking I’m crazy, take a look for these bags for yourself, and then try and tell me you don’t want one. With three different styles, there’s a diaper bag to suit all of your stylish mommy-on-the-go needs. The bags are vegan leather and come in beige or black, the perfect neutrals to match any look. Since they're pretty neutral, they're actually really dope for dads to carry as well. They range from $150 to $180, but they're totally worth the splurge.

“As a woman, I just wanted to make a cute bag that would work with everything and carry enough to get me through the day, Alba tells InStyle in an interview, “I designed them to be truly versatile for the office, the park, a playdate, or a weekend.”

And these bags really are great for wherever you need to go. Because who says being a mom means you have to sacrifice style? Not, Jessica Alba, that’s for sure.

Check out how truly chic these diaper bags are and see how you can style them to gain that effortlessly put together look.

Park Adventures:

Fishtail Anorak Jacket, J. Crew

Modern V-Neck Tee, Gap

Pleated Crepe Short, J. Crew

Birkenstock Milano Slingback Sandal, Urban Outfitters

Honest Everything Tote, The Honest Co.

This easy ensemble is just what you need for a day at the park. It's comfortable and cute, great for chasing those little rascals around. Plus, you'll look great while doing it.

Day On The Town:

Moroccan Tile Jacket, J. Crew

Trapeze Dress, Banana Republic

Nude Leather Wedges, Palmairas de Menorca

Honest Carryall Satchel, The Honest Co.

If you're out running errands all day, this is the outfit for you. It's super flowy and easy to move around in. Fun fact about the bag: It has little straps that are made to attach to a stroller, so you don't even have to carry it — how functional is that?

Sporty Play Time:

Vital Leather Blazer, Nasty Gal

Strapless Chambray Jumpsuit, Banana Republic

Superstar Shoes, Adidas

Honest City Backpack, The Honest Co.

Perfect for a play-date. Sit back and relax visiting with the other parents while the kids play. And look super on trend. Who's the cool mom, now?

Images: Courtesy Brands