Bob Odenkirk & David Cross Are Getting A New Netflix Series, Let's Celebrate With These 5 Vintage 'Mr. Show' Clips

Fans of the cult HBO series Mr. Show can rejoice: Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are reuniting for a new Netflix original series. That's right, Netflix has ordered a four episode series called With Bob and David, and it'll be a return to their first love: sketch comedy. So in honor of that, let's take a throwback look back to the comedy gem that is Mr. Show With Bob and David.

It's understandable if you're not familiar with Mr. Show. You may know Odenkirk as the current frontman of Better Call Saul. And as for Cross, he's better known by millennials as never nude Tobias Funke from Arrested Development. But back in the day, Odenkirk and Cross collaborated on The Ben Stiller Show, with the mid-'90s Mr. Show being their most precious creation. And it is... something special.

With the creative freedom of HBO (it's not TV, it's an uncensored playground of boobs and swear words) there's a lot of sketches here that may be NSFW. Likely I tried to keep it relatively... normal. As normal as you can get for Mr. Show. OK, honestly, I can't watch the legendary "Titannica" skit without being skeeved out, but that's me.

In any case, let's celebrate with a look back on five memorable skits from the one and only Mr. Show with Bob and David.

"The Audition"

wallyhopp on YouTube

Even if you've never watched Mr. Show, it's plausible that this video has somehow ended up in your news feed. This sketch is a throwback to "Who's On First" type humor, in which Cross' character is doing a skit titled "The Audition" and the two show runners are completely baffled on what's actually part of the audition versus what's part of the monologue.

"I'll Marry Your Stupid Ass"

FiveInchTaint on YouTube

In what starts out as an average Saturday night in early '90s Staten Island (which I can say from my experience of living there in my youth), a bar brawl turns into an oddly functional relationship. The whole thing has undertones of The Lonely Island, long before Andy Samberg could even legally drink. Worth it for the hair alone, be it a pornstache, a unibrow, or impressively Aquanet-ed.

"The Last Donut"

monkey711 on YouTube

What happens when a braindead loiterer has a discussion with a bald proto-hipster? Scarily this one is just as relevant now, if not more relevant than it was nearly 20 years ago.

"Blow Up the Moon"

cole black on YouTube

Finally, we have the technology, the time is now!


jqpublic23 on YouTube

Greendale Community College probably looked at the GloboChem mascot for inspiration. Meet Pit-Pat, a magical, pansexual non-threatening spokes thing! Who else is more qualified to sell excellent products such as Bag Hutch?

Deadline reports that With Bob and David just started production.