Live-Action 'Winnie The Pooh' Movie Officially Happening & Is This Disney's Answer To 'Paddington'?

We've already seen one of our favorite childhood cartoon teddy bears hopping over into the world of live-action: The Paddington Bear movie, Paddington, hit theaters this past January, and was actually pretty good — and now, it looks like Disney has its own version of a movie about a lovable, cuddly, walking, talking bear in the works. The latest news to come out of the Mouse House is that a live-action Winnie the Pooh movie will be strolling on in to theaters in the future. Which leads me to wonder: Will it be able to top Paddington?

My first impression of Paddington was that it was just another attempt to revamp something from my childhood for new generations. But it was actually pretty great. Ben Whishaw replaced Colin Firth as the voice of the famous storybook character and brought a human element to him. The film followed the title bear from Peru as he travels to the big city in search of a home. In his moment of discouragement, he meets a nice family that takes him in.

New York Magazine called Paddington "delightful," Slate called it "a wonder" and Nerdist claimed even the most cynical of moviegoers will still be watching it in their old age. Though the Winnie the Pooh movie is in early, early, early development, it sounds like a similar take. According to Variety, the film will imagine Pooh's best buddy, Christopher Robin, all grown up as an adult. Alex Ross Perry, who wrote and directed Listen Up Phillip, is on board to pen the script.

In addition to the surprising wave of positive reviews, Paddington also did pretty well at the box office. It seems like Disney is taking note. This marks just another stepping stone for Disney down the road for live-action re-imaginations. We've seen alternate takes on Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty (with Maleficent ) and Cinderella . Soon we'll also see Beauty and the Beast with Dan Stevens and Emma Watson, as well as Mulan joining the live-action mix. But is Pooh the right one to throw into the slate next?

Image: Playbuzz