9 Girl Power Lyrics From "Can't Take Me Home"

The Can’t Take Me Home album may be 15 years old, but that’s just a testament to the fact that girl power is never, ever out of style. It’s enduring. P!nk has been a musical champion of women for as long as I can remember, and the anniversary of this too good for words album serves to remind us just how much. Nearly every song on “Can’t Take Me Home” is an anthem for empowering women, whether if they need a little push out of a crappy relationship or they’re having a difficult time finding their voice.

The best part of all this girl power is that P!nk’s unparalleled vocals are the ones to deliver the message of empowerment, and it really serves to drive the point home. Also, let’s not forget that these anthems are always done to perfection with an incredibly catchy beat. So, in honor of P!nk and her musical and lyrical bad assery, let’s look back on the best girl power lyrics from “Can’t Take Me Home” just in case you’re needing a little pick me up, a boost to your confidence, or a reminder of your awesomeness. You can drop P!nk a thank you note later.

"You don't know me well enough to label me, sick, or even disturbed/When you break it down I'm just two girls/Trying to blend, trying to vibe" from "Split Personality"

Amen to that.

"I was in love wit ya/But the hell wit ya cuz you didn't wanna treat me right" from "Hell Wit Ya"


"Most Girls" The whole song... no, really.

Listen, bask, repeat.

"So you say you wanna talk, I don't/Say you wanna change, I won't/Yeah, it's like that/Had your chance, won't take ya back/Now what, whatcha think about that/And when I say I'm through, I'm through/Basically I'm through wit you" from "There You Go"

P!nk has no time for bullshit.

"We've always been straight up, so I, I'll just take what's mine/I'm leavin, say good-bye, because you hurt me for the last time" from "Let Me Let You Know"

She knows when enough is enough.

"He don't know/I'm gonna be the one who's gonna let him go/Even if he wants to stay, I'll let him go/Cuz all he wants from me is a private show" from "Private Show"

And, she refuses to put up with someone who doesn't see her worth.

"I don't want nobody else but you/But if you keep playing, then I'll make you the fool" from "Can't Take Me Home"

P!nk knows it can be hard to leave the person you love, but sometimes it's necessary.

"Don't assume cuz I'm a woman/That I'll fall in love/Don't expect I'm young and need to be took care of/Don't wanna hear you got what I need/Cuz how would you know before we speak" from "Stop Falling"

*Burns bra*

"So if it's on your mind, then you should speak your piece/And say what you say/And if you want it done, then you should get it done/And do it your way" from "Do What You Do"


Alecia Moore, you wise goddess, you.

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