How To Celebrate The April Pink Moon

Gather around, everyone, and rejoice in my favorite full moon of the year: The April Pink Moon. Each month’s full moon has a name originating from Native American tribes living along the East Coast; they're also all associated with an astrological sign. Named after Pink Phlox, one of the first plants to flower each year, the Pink Moon is associated with Libra. In addition to symbolizing fertility, the Pink Moon also represents a time for exploring your relationships with others, seeking out creativity, and appreciating beauty — which I happily interpret as “girl power glitter time.”

I don't always celebrate full moons, but when I do, I like to for it be an all-encompassing experience, one that leaves me prettier, a little more sparkly, and amped up for the upcoming month. So, shall we get started? Here are a few ways to get the most out of the April Pink Moon:

Beautify Yourself

Spring is a time of rebirth — not just for baby animals and stuff, but also for your scaly winter skin. I love making my own face masks because it makes me feel like a fancy witch scientist. My current favorite is a little bentonite clay, a little honey, a little rosewater toner, some jojoba and grapeseed oils, a little aloe gel, and water — all of which can be found on Amazon. If DIY is not your speed and you have some money to spend, though, then I can personally attest to Glam Glow Super-Mud's ability to seriously renew your pores.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try out some of my favorite Instagram accounts for some nail-spiration. I personally have neither the patience nor the coordination to attempt any of these, but just breath deeply and let the Pink Moon guide you into a manicure makeover:

Libras also love shopping. I know, because I am one. This lip gloss is called “Diamond Cluster” and it will make your face look like a beautiful disco ball. Or the night sky. Or whatever you like that is sparkly.

Beautify Your Space

"Spring cleaning" might sound outdated, but now is a great time to do it. The Pink Moon is a terrific reason to sort through all of the random junk you’ve accumulated over the past year, and to finally let go of clothes that haven’t fit you since high school but “maybe someday they will.” If you have more than eight items, Goodwill will pick it up for you. If you have fewer than eight items, then mobilize some neighbors or nearby pals and truck on down to the donation center yourself.

Once your room is nice and organized, fill it with new stuff, because new stuff is always better (or so capitalism keeps telling me). I fully plan on buying The Sparklette's 1950s Prom banner: Great song, great glitter, great fringe. Also it’s funny because Libra Moons need constant interaction with other people.

… No? Too soon, Libra Moons?

While you're at it, toast to your revitalized face, hands, and room with some mug wine, preferably consumed out of this Uteruses Before Duderuses mug from Sea and Lake:

I can’t officially say whether Leslie Knope would approve of this Pink Moon party... but I'm willing to be that she would.

Become One with Nature

Round up your favorite ladies and plan a nature adventure. Do you love biking? My friends have a monthly Women Cycling Together group (get it?) that creates themed bike rides throughout the city in honor of each full moon. We get outside, we get a workout, and we socialize for an extended period of time without anyone looking down at their phones.

But not everybody has a bike or wants to sweat, so maybe heading out to a local park with snacks and some dollar store watercolors is better suited to your posse. Getting creative in a communal, non-stressful, natural environment is what the Pink Moon is all about, really. Make some daisy crowns if you're feeling extra goddess-y.

If you’re the only one of your outdoor-inclined friends, then MeetUp is a wonderful resource for finding like-minded people in your area. Running groups, hiking groups, canoeing groups — it's all here.

Happy Pink Moon, everyone!

Images: The Illustrated Nail, Nails by MH/Instagram; brands.